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Cypress Garden
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2013 Aug 29
For tofu lovers, Cypress Garden offers two very good tofu dishes.

Pictured here is the Ma Po Tofu.

2013 Aug 29
For tofu lovers, Cypress Garden offers two very good tofu dishes.

This one here is Kung Po Fried Tofu.

2009 Sep 3
Another place that I drive by all of the time. This place is strictly take-out. The decor looks a little worse for wear.

I'll have to agree, the price and portion size are a good deal. The food was typical Canadian chinese food. Nothing exciting.

The Cypress Garden Spring rolls were huge and a good deal at $1.35ea. The BBQ pork was terribly dry- I must stop ordering BBQ pork at non BBQ places.

I received a huge portion of Crispy Beef. It wasn't crispy by the time I got home though. It was OK- Beef was fairly chewy.

My breaded shrimp were once again battered, in that usual pancake type fluffy batter. I have to give them credit for using nice sized shrimp. Usually places cut corners by using tiny shrimp and distorting the size by the batter.

I got a free chicken fried rice with my order- I suppose one can't complain about free stuff. Let's just hope that if you order fried rice-which I never do, it's slightly better than what I received.

Not the worst Chinese take out I have had but nothing was particularly memorable.

2008 Feb 13
I have take out from here often when I am craving chinese food. There General Tso Chicken is the best I have ever tasted, most of there dishes are plentyful and tasty.Also very cost effective.If you have not tried them you should. Very good food for your dollar.