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"Its the place to go with family and friends for great meals and relaxing retro atmosphere. Burgers grilled to order -- are the main attraction, with plenty of other Canadian favourites on offer. There are choices for vegetarians, for kids, for big appetites and small. The chef can accommodate allergies. The server brings fresh popcorn to nibble while waiting for your order. Main dishes and sides are prepared in-house, using fresh local products in season."

Manotick: 5536 Main Street, Manotick, ON

Milkshakes at BOM: Burgers on Main
Foods from BOM: Burgers on Main

2012 Apr 22
Went to BOM Somerset St. Location today. Blue cheese and horseradish burgers were both good. It was nice to see juicy red tomato slices this time of year, and the quantity and quality of other toppings were just right. The buns were nice; appeared to be an egg bread with sesame and poppy seeds, but I found the buns to be too large so it felt like there was too much bread for the amount of meat. The toasted marshmallow shake sounded better than it tasted, with 4 toasted marshmallows floating on top of what seemed in other respects to be a typical vanilla milkshake. A nice touch is that most of the soft drinks are available chilled in glass bottles. Service was really friendly and efficient today and although there were no serious problems with anything, BOM is not on my top 5 list for burgers in Ottawa. Nice place to go for a burger if you're in the area, but I probably wouldn't make a special trip.

2012 Apr 16
My office building is right beside the new BOM, which means I've eaten a burger a week for the last 3-4 weeks, a little excessive maybe, but convenience + Burgers drowns out my healthy side.

I like BOM, specifically the firehouse burgers, but I've also had the Brie, Swiss Bacon, and Chili Dog (First Hot Dog I've eaten in close to 15 years, but it's made by the same Manotick Butcher as the burgers so I gave it a try.)

Service sometimes leaves somethign to be desired, but it's a new restaurant and they've been slow, so it's excusable.

Overall very impressed, and the GM just informed me they willbe changing the coleslaw, which, was, IMO way too sweet.

Outstanding fries! always a ++ when dealing with a burger joint.

2012 Mar 16
Went to the new BOM on Somerset St on Wednesday 3/14 2012.

3 friends and myself were seated immediately in the spacious eating area. A cone of (not so freshly popped) popcorn appeared on the table. It kept us satiated until we could get in an order.

Prices are acceptable, with most items being between $8-$15

Naturally, the 4 of us all decided to try the burgers. I ordered the Chili Burger, friends ordered the Firehouse, and Bacon Swiss burgers. When the burgers came, the server really had no idea which burger was which. He honestly could not tell the difference between the burgers and just started placing them randomly, "I'm really sorry about that" was all he muttered as he took off before the mix up was settled.

We all took the top buns off the burgers to try and determine who's burger was who's. You'd think it might be obvious, with 3 different burger types, but it was not. We couldn't tell the difference between burgers! The server could not tell the difference between burgers either! I think that there is something fundamentally wrong with that. I do believe that good people at Harvey's assemble a burger better than BOM.

My Chili burger, which was supposed to be covered with Chilli and defined as "messy" on the menu was not easily identified. I did spot a bean poking through the cheese which helped me narrow it down. There was a piece of jalapeno sticking out of the cheese in another burger, we determined it was the firehouse.

Taste-wise, the burgers were fair. More toppings would have helped, notably in the case of the Firehouse burger. It was mild, not enough heat. The clear winner was the Chili Burger, good flavour chili and the taste of the Frito's came through (but not the crunch). The fries were on the cold side and a bit greasy. Coleslaw was equally average.

I was expecting....more. We all were expecting more! If you are going to identify your restaurant as a Burger restaurant, enough to put BURGER in the name, then please...make the burgers special! Obviously comparisons to the Works are going to be made and at the moment, they don't hold a candle to the Works. Especially now with Hintonburger and Five Guys on the scene, Ottawa is pretty competitive in the Burger market and BOM has to step up their game big time.

So, Burgers on Main, when you use the words "loaded", "messy", and "piles", expectations are drawn that just aren't reached. I will be back to give you another chance, but please try harder to make your burgers more extraordinary because right now you literally can't tell them apart!

2012 Feb 20
I tried BOM for the first time Feb 12/12, and it was very good. So a week later, some friends were discussing where to go for supper, I recommended BOM, and decided to join them. So....the same burger joint twice in a week, they must be doing something right. And I'll be going back soon.

2012 Feb 17
I ate here last night with my kids. The service was fantastic. Very helpful, very kid-friendly. It's always good to get crayons for coloring but even better to get apple juice and free popcorn soon after sitting down.

I had the Brie Burger with a veggie patty which was pretty good (perhaps I've been spoiled by the choice at The Works). Loved the Burnt Marshmallow shake and look forward to trying one of the X-Rated alcoholic shakes another time.



2012 Mar 18
I went there last night and the food was really good. Service was excellent and they will be adding more burgers to the menu. I had onion rings and the blue cheese number. Fab.



2012 Mar 21
The burnt marshmallow shake.