The menu is entirely vegetarian, mostly vegan.
The sauces, soups and spreads are all made in-house, from scratch.
Gluten-free friendly.
The menu items are named after local faces and places.
Ingredients are local and/organic whenever possible.
In addition in house-made baked goods, Gypsy & Co carries B.Goods and Auntie Loo's vegan treats.
The drink menu changes seasonally (ex: Lemonade and sweet tea in the summer, Mexican hot chocolate and mulled apple cider in the winter)

Foods from Gypsy & Co


2012 Jan 19
Love this shop, and now I have to keep going back for their vegan hot chocolate! It's rich and delicious without being too sweet and the coconut whip is so amazing.. can't think about it without craving it. Treat yourself to this it's so tasty!