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2012 Feb 9
Went to the Brew Table with a couple of coworkers for lunch and was happy with the food we received. The new menu is different than the old Darcy McGee's menu but I think they kept some of the old favourites. Our table had the fish and chips, beef bourguignon, and the seafood linguine. The fish was tasty but the fries were a little undercooked. The tartar sauce that was served with the fish was of good flavour, but the portion size was a little small. my coworker raved about the beef bourguignon and said he would definitely have it again. The seafood linguine looked good and the people having it said it wasnt bad. Cannot comment on any of the beers as no one had any. Beer review will be the next thing on the agenda. The service was ok, not great but not bad either. The place was busy so I can understand why service was a little slow.

2012 Feb 17
Loaded with lime and an appropriate amount of cachaša (Pitu brand), they serve an excellent rendition of this great drink here. A highly recommended way to get your vitamin C!

2012 Mar 3
Muskoka Cream Ale on tap here. For some reason I've never tried it... totally a new favourite!

2012 Mar 3
I enjoyed the Caipirinha so much here that I had to try their Mojito. Very good indeed, with plenty of real lime wedges, but the bartender seemed to have a light hand on the rum so I will opt for the Caipirinha again in the future.

2012 Mar 3
Tried the White Chocolate Lava Cake one evening recently. Overall it was excellent, especially when I mashed everything up together on my plate. However, given the name, I was expecting a white chocolate lava cake rather than a brown chocolate lava cake. ;-)

As far as I could tell the only white chocolate could have been in the sumptuous custard drizzle that zigzagged across the other inhabitants of my plate. The ice cream was vanilla and the cake was just standard brownie style with a barely moist center.

2012 Apr 20
Nice thick hunks of fish, not overcooked at all. The batter has a good tang to it (cider vinegar and beer/yeast?) but it had absorbed a fair bit of the cooking oil. The nice strips of carrot and zucchini coleslaw adds a nice virtuous component.

All in all a decent plate of FnC. I'm not a big tartar sauce person but that seemed good enough too.