Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Doughnuts at Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Suzy Q doughnuts
Foods from Suzy Q doughnuts

2018 Aug 27
The new location is great.

The line is worth it, trust me!

2018 Jan 22
I was in need of a major sugar pick me up this weekend so we down to Suzy Q. Beat the crowds by popping in around 3PM Saturday afternoon. Seating area was full and they offer a Latte + Donut combo for those looking for that cafe experience.

The new location just behind somerset square (where somerset meets wellington, a stones throw from the LCBO and a block or 2 away from their old shack) is certainly a major improvement. I've been in several times since the not so recent anymore location change and the service model and space continues to positively improve.

We got a half dozen (12$):

D'oh - Vanilla with sprinkles Homer Simpson Style, classis but surprisingly delicious

Sugar Munky - Classic Cinnamon sugar goodnesss, the Suzy Q original

Spicy Pineapple - Bright and tropical with a zingy edge

Peppermint - Pretty much basic icing with a crushed candy cane crust. Good but not as good as others.

Maple Bacon - Extra maplely-tasting icing (almost like a maple candy) topped with tasty bacon crisps. What a dynamic duo.

Toasted Coconet lime - My Fav of the bunch. The icing had a little citrus zip balanced by the healthy nicely toasted coconut chips on top!

Delicious and worth the price, plus the bright yellow and large windowed location makes any winter day cheery!

2015 May 7
Well I never said I'd go there just for the doughnuts. I'd also go to Brandt, Starsky's, Apache Burger, and I might even visit my mother in law. . . . . .
Altho that might be a bit drastic.

2015 May 7
Oh well thats a bummer.

Google still shows their address on Bentey Ave.

It's been awhile since I visited. I've been very diciplined :)

Just checked their website, looks like they sell some right around the corner from my office! LUNCH DESSERT!

Marcello's Market and Deli -
99 Bank Street
181 Bank Street
240 Sparks @ Slater

170 Metcalf Street

2015 May 7
I thought Tom & Sons had moved to Ashton?

2015 May 7
Long road trip for a donut?

Just take the trek out to Colonnade Road for a Tom & Sons Donut.

Careful though, a dozen goes quick ;)

2015 May 6
Ottawans are used to paying waaay too much for our pastries -- Suzy Q is just riding the wave (as they should). Twice the price of a Tim Hortons factory-fried product is not unreasonable.

As Hungry Pete suggested, if you want an excellent doughnut for a low price you need to go on a (pricey) road trip! ;-)

2015 May 5
I hate to say it because I've become a regular at the Taco /donut place on Bank. But 2.50$ for a donut? Dimphlemiejer bakery in TO provides a comparable pastry for .70$.

2015 May 5

Yeah, last week when I went for tacos and saw the line of doom, I optimized on a dessert first strategy and ate a gelato while in the taco line.

2015 May 5
Sparks street crowd was on those like hungry piranha. it may have extended the taco line, tho they seemed to have a decent system to move the donut customers along around the tacoistas. Nioce addition - between that and Stella Gelato across the street, my summer coffee runs are looking WAY better.




2012 Mar 11
Oh wow. I had a dinner party last night and 2 guests arrived with a couple of boxes of assorted donuts from Suzy Q. Incredible! We had to cut them into quarters so everyone could have a taste of everything. This is going to be a very weak spot for me. Tim Horton's ruined the donut, and Suzy Q brought them back!

2012 Mar 3
I love the Salted Caramel doughnuts here. The Toasted Coconut are great too. Also pictured here are the Double Chocolate and the Blue Vanilla with Froot Loops. My daughter was loopy about the blue one.

The Maple Bacon is good as well, but I find the chewy chunks of bacon are more gimmick than gourmet. For salty-sweet I prefer the Salted Caramel. Either way, there is a doughnut for every taste here. Just awesome!