Chip truck in the Brick/Canadian Tire parking lot on the corner of Nepean and hunt Club. This is one of two chip trucks in the plaza.

TV's Fries
TV's Fries
Poutine at TV's Fries
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2013 Apr 28
Their medium poutine while it appears to be a good portion did not really fill my lunch craving. The container would fit a regular hot dog on a bun.We will return for their fries.

2013 Apr 28
Our last few experiences with their direct competitor have not been great so we thought TV's might be an alternative. Positives were they are still fresh cutting fries and have not gone to the supplier bagged product where fresh may be days old. Fries were cooked to crisp and not over seasoned with salt. Curds not the best. Crumbles with no large curd. Gravy super salty and thin without much flavour. Pretty sure it was canned St Hubert dipping sauce. The search continues with The Snack Shack next on our list. Pictured are fresh cut today.

2011 Oct 24
We stopped by for a late lunch on Sunday and we are SO glad we did!

This is one of two chip trucks in the Canadain Tire/Brick parking lot. This one is the one with the covered entrance and about four picnic tables under a canopy.

It seems to be a family-run business, and the people are SO friendly - smiling, welcoming, proud of their product (and for good reason). There are big signs and a plaque announcing their win as the 2011 Reader's Choice "Best Fries" in Nepean. The potaotes are fresh-cut throughout the day.

They have a menu of fries, poutine, burgers, sausages, onion rings, hot dogs, and corn dogs. Everything is made fresh to order, and you can see someone always blanching the next batch of potatoes for awesome twice-cooked fries.

I had a small poutine, and hubby had medium fries. The poutine was AWESOME. St. Albert's cheese curds, and they are GENEROUS with the cheese and gravy. A small was quite filling, and the fries were wonderfully crispy outside and fluffy inside. The husband's medium fries were enough to keep him full for quite awhile, and the whole thing came to $7.50. You get to salt the fries yourself, which I know some people (husband excluded) really appreciate.

We will be back!


2012 May 23
While not the best poutine I've had in town, this one was definitely up there. The Large was stupidly large... really, I have no business eating more than a medium here. The gravy and cheese were good, my only issue is with the fries. The insides had a bit of a funny dryish creamy texture, almost like mashed potato. That's probably a plus for some people but I prefer my poutine fries to have moist innards.