Foods from CasaLuna Pizza

2011 Oct 10
Ordered delivery from Casa Luna on the recommendation of a couple folks in the forums for a good pizza place in Hintonburg. It turned out very nicely (especially considering some of the unfortunate reviews that pop up after googling it..).

We got two combination #1s -- pepperoni, mushrooms, green peppers -- and they were very nice for a pizza joint product. The cheese wasn't as thick and the crust wasn't as doughy (as was mentioned in the forum comments) as I've come to expect from places like these, which was a welcome tweak. The cheese was nicely browned on top, and the relative thinness of the layer let the flavour from the sauce and toppings come through strong, which was a good thing. Sauce was very good, and each topping had enough flavour and presence to contribute to each bite.

Different pizza overall than Carlo's, the other neighbourhood option that I've tried. The choice between the two will probably depend on mood, but I'd probably call here first.