Stella Luna Gelato Café
Affogato at Stella Luna Gelato Café
Gelato at Stella Luna Gelato Café
Gelato at Stella Luna Gelato Café
Stella Luna Gelato Café
Stella Luna Gelato Café
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2011 Aug 25
Tried it for the first time mid-week, 9pm'sih, late Aug 2011 and all i can say is WELCOME TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD!

The place is cute - i can't believe what they did to the drab grey mess that used to be there.

The gelato was great. Easily on par with Pure or Piccollo and probably better.

We tried gianduja - nicely smooth chocolate with nutty undertone, madagascar vanilla - great 'real' vanilla taste, mint chocolate chip - that we were told was just made and going fast and we could see why, and mascarpone/rum - the hands down fave, excellent creamy gelato with a rum undertone.

Two smalls with two flavours each (our choice, they'll pack in smaller scoops of more flavours if you ask) were $7 and change. Comparable to anywhere else and well worth the dollars.

Staff were friendly and kept things moving even with a decent crowd. Lots of seating.

Panini sandwiches in the display case looked good - may have to go back for lunch.

Will be back, will send others. Will be spending more time at the gym now that OOS has this plus Life of Pie and Stone Cold all within six blocks.

2011 Aug 20
Gourmet gelato is right! Instead of the old stand by the Dairy Queen dipped cone we decided to walk a few more block up to Sunnyside and sure glad we did. The pistachio was decadently creamy yet not too sweet perfectly balanced. Can't wait to try the chocolate pistachio if it is there our next visit.

2011 Aug 16
The Pistachio gelato at Stella Luna was so good that it was as if I had never tasted pistachio ice cream before; Don't think I can eat lesser pistachio now. Also had the mascarpone/rum - very nice, and the yogurt and fig, which had a really great tang with ribbons of sweet fig puree. Excellent!

2011 Aug 14
The location is pretty convenient as it's right next to Lansdowne Park. I went to shop at the Farmer's Market and headed down the street to try out some of their gelato.

After a lot of deliberation and sampling (which included morello cherry sorbet and ruby peach lavendar gelato), I chose roasted almond and the mascarpone cheese/rum gelato. It was absolutely amazing. The two flavours worked together very well.

I will be back even though it's a bit of a trek for me.

2011 Aug 3
Went last night, and it was pretty busy but not crowded. I especially like the step that leads to the door is the perfect ad-hoc bench; I didn't realise the foot traffic and it turned into mini-fiesta with children giggling with the dogs + lots of lipsmacking!

between the three of us, we got:
piemonte hazelnut
fior de latte

all were *delicious* and definitely able to taste the fresh ingredients. fior de latte was quite subtle, but i expected it to be - and to act as a foil to the hazelnut, which is heavier than the others. the coconut is very fresh tasting (?), and more of a coconut flake flavour than pulp.

the pistachio is so ridiculously good and light. i've always considered it to be my litmus test (followed by lemon, then other fruit flavours). this makes me very happy.

2011 Aug 2
I dropped by this afternoon and I have to say, it is a beautiful space. Love the rich decor and comfy seating. I wonder how they're going to do in the winter, though.

I sampled the morello cherry gelato - didn't care for it, and bought a small cup of ferrero rocher (highly recommended, enjoyed the texture with pieces of candy mixed right in) and mango flavours, which reminded me of the way mangoes taste when you buy them from the supermarket out of season and they are not quite ripe. I can't say the gelato knocked my socks off or anything. I still much prefer the gelato flavours at Truffle Treasures, which if it had more seating space and was open later, could have been a serious competitor for this place.

I also wasn't impressed by staff, who just kind of stood there staring blankly into space, didn't greet me, didn't know what was in their product and gave me the wrong hours of operation.

That being said, in the 20 minutes I was there, there was only a brief lull, then traffic was steady with young families. For places open late, if I had to choose between here and Pure, I would rather go here.

2011 Aug 1
We went to Stella Luna Gelato Café yesterday evening before closing for a quick visit. We each had a medium cup for $4.25 each. The small is $3.25 and the large is $5.25.

We each took two flavours. Me, Piemonte Hazelnut and Sicilian Pistachio. The mister had Cioccarancio (chocolate and orange) and Ruby Peach Lavender. We shared our choices. I loved them all. The Cioccarancio was particularly chocolatey. I thought it was stunning with the orange infused into it.

They are open from 7 am to 10 pm every night except Fri and Sat. Then they are open until 11 pm. I can just imagine myself having a snack attack before seeing the late night news. That would be a fun jaunt to take.

The product is top notch. The place is roomy and Alessandro, Tammy's husband, said there was seating for 36.

There has been lots of buzz leading up to this opening day. The place was crowded when we were there.

I hope they do well. It is good to see such a high calibre foodie place go into Old Ottawa South. A nice complement to Taylor's Genuine Food and Wine Bar, which opened a few doors down last summer. I just wished it had landed into Westboro where we have that International chain, DQ. I so prefer supporting local.

I did a blogpost on Stella Luna today if you have an interest to read more and check out some pictures.

Get there as fast as you can. It is worth every lick.

2011 Jul 31
I just came back from Bank st and Saturday saw that Stella Luna Gelato had a sign saying "opening Sunday.." and so went by today and they are finally open.

I went in the store and it is quite busy, the inside is nice with some tables and chairs to sit at- there was not really much space to sit as it was already full when I walked in.

Now I did not have lunch yet and was hoping to get a sandwich,crepe or waffle...was actually pretty hungry.
I did not see a sign for sandwiches or anything yet- so I did ask and all they had at the moment was some berry scones and a couple kinds of cake (they did look really good).

I'm sure you want to know how the gelato is....
I did sample a few kinds and they were good.
The Dulce de Leche was quite caramelly and has some caramel drizzled on top. There was a Rocher gelato and it looked like it had crushed rocher in it..and was decorated with an unwrapped Rocher (still in the foil,for deocration I'm sure...).

Also tried the pistachio gelato and that was quite good- it is a very smooth ice cream/gelato and I think it says it is made with Italian pistachios.
There was no actual nut pieces in it or anything.

Lastly tried the strawberry sorbet- it did not have fruit pieces in it and was a very smooth and "whipped" sorbet.
It tasted quite good-kind of reminded me of Truffle Treasures sorbet.

Stella Luna did have some neat flavors though-like lavender grapefruit something...

A small cup is $3.50-4.00 around and they let you put 2 kinds in a cup.
Medium was $4 something and a cup goes up to around $6 I think.

You can also buy a 500ml container for $8 or 1 liter for $15.

I did not get a cup of gelato as I was quite hungry and wanted something not that sweet first.
But I will go back to get some gelato later on...I don't think they noticed that I even walked away from the counter as there was quite a few people ahead of me and I had to wait around 4+ minutes to get a sample..then the girl who gave me a sample just left to serve someone else.

Service seemed a bit rushed when I was there- prob because it was the opening and they are quite busy.

Can't wait to try the crepes and other things. Hope they get them soon!
Before I forget- they are open till 10pm every day.

Has anyone else had a chance to try the gelato?

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2013 Aug 20
I went to Stella Luna on both Saturday and Sunday because I loved it that much. It wasn't my first time there, normally I would have the affogato, but the Saturday visit was my first time trying the Ferrero Rocher flavour. It was amazing. It was as if I was eating an actual Ferrero Rocher chocolate. The second flavour I had was the Rich Chocolate which was lovely.

My best friend had pistachio and a fruit flavour, I was impressed with the pistachio, but my caveat is that I've never tried it before so I have nothing to compare it to.

On Sunday we went back again, and this time I had the Ferrero Rocher again, and the Chocolate Salted Caramel. The chocolate salted caramel tasted just like a gourmet chocolate from a box, and I already knew I was going to love the Ferrero Rocher. Best friend had pistachio again, the lemon blueberry and the mango. The lemon blueberry was great, but I found the mango a bit sour. That might have something to do with the sweet flavours I was eating!

I didn't get a third flavour because everyone in front of me were blocking all the flavours. Also, with the line I felt pressed to make a quick choice. If I don't get to plan my choice I always feel a bit stressed, so I was saying how I wish they had a sign while you waited in line to see what the flavours of the day were.

2013 Aug 11
My favourite gelato flavours are always the nutty ones, and in this respect I'm going to say that this place has the best gelato in town.

I tried the Ferrero Rocher, the Salted Peanut, and the Buttery Almond gelati. A small cup treats you to up to three different flavours (small cone can handle two flavours). The Ferrero Rocher and the Salted Peanut were just incredible. The Almond was good but very mild.

I'm already fantasizing about a future threesome with Rich Chocolate (I tried my wife's... amazing), Salted Peanut, and Hazelnut -- it would be like peanut butter cups with nutella! :P~~~

2012 Nov 21
LocaMochaLata...mmm! Gelato, coconut milk, espresso. What's not to like? Get it with 2 shots of espresso. I like to change the mocha gelato to any beige or white gelato since the mocha overpowers the espresso and coconut. I like the cafe gelato in particular (in which case you don't need the 2nd shot of espresso unless you're a caffeine fiend).

2013 Aug 20
This used to be my go-to item at Stella Luna. There are different versions using different ice cream flavours and either chocolate sauce or espresso. I had the very safe Madagascar Vanilla with chocolate sauce and the whipped cream topping. It was heavenly!