A small bakery in Almonte that offers a variety of breads, pies and baked goods.

They also offer full service catering for events.

Salmon at Savoury Pursuits
Foods from Savoury Pursuits

2011 Jul 13
We had a winter wedding and they provided all the catering out at the Old Almonte Town Hall. The spread was incredible and people are still talking about the poached salmon to this day.

They also make killer pies and tarts (sour cherry is my favorite) and awesome rolls and savory bread.

I will be posting some photos shortly.


2011 Jul 13
One of the choices for catering offerings for the wedding was Salmon. We chose to keep the head on, and they had two large whole smoked salmons as part of the buffet spread.

I have a minor seafood allergy and my stomach was doing enough backflips without risking it, but it did smell tremendous.

As mentioned previously, my family, friends and associates all still rave about how great the salmon was (along with other things).