A deli specializing in Panini sandwiches and daily special Italian meals, homemade soup, wraps etc.

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2011 Jun 13
Tried out this new sandwich place and was impressed. Sandwhich was quite large served on soft but still a bit crunchy really good bread. Here you see my turkey and salami. Think Dirienzos but more of an oval bun and here they offer to press it in the panini press. I would go for it as warming it for sure increased the deliciousness. I was planning to eat this at my destination but couldn't wait and ate it while driving, which isn't recommended. The bag helped keep things together but I wound up eating part of it. Ah well. The sandwich was really good though. Toppings are what you'd typically see but also basil pesto, and peppercorn mayos were on offer. I took onions, lettuce, spicy eggplant, regular mustard (there were 2 or 3 kinds) and peppercorn mayo. This was the large for $5. There is a small for $4. The space is large and there are a couple of tables at the back; it is located beside M&Ms on Carling near Woodroffe. I will definitely return here.