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2014 Dec 18
The Cantonese Chow Mein is still a great choice here. My kids loved it, veggies and all, because of the yummy gravy.

2011 Nov 24
i tried the dish ff has a photo of ,,The Cantonese Chow Mein with Shrimp , it was the best azian food ive had in a long long time ...the service was soo freindly and the prices were really cheap ,,, i ordered 2 dishes a soup and spring rolls and didnt crack 30 dollars ... id give them a 10 / 10 and will make tgis place my new regular order spot for chineese

2011 Nov 19
The Cantonese Chow Mein with Shrimp ($9.50) turned out to be a fairly typical Cantonese fried noodle dish. This was great, because my daughter and I both love this kind of noodle. The sauce was tasty enough to keep eating but didn't seem to be of the quality you might expect in Chinatown. Lots of baby corn, some broccoli, carrots, celery, mushrooms, water chestnuts, 6 good sized shrimp. Thumbs up from my daughter, no leftovers from me! ;-)

2011 Nov 19
This bowl of Wonton Soup for $3.25 is a nice little soupy way to start your meal. My daughter and I shared the tasty broth, 4 dumplings, sliced cabbage, and generous shards of BBQ pork. She loved it! I thought it was okay.

2011 Nov 19
I visited tonight with my daughter after taking her to the Santa parade downtown. Again the dining room was almost empty (at 6:30pm on a Saturday) but I asked and was assured that they have enough takeout orders to keep the business alive.

Service is very friendly and the food is excellent value. The food quality isn't the greatest but the prices make up for this.

Spring Rolls (chicken and pork) are $1.50 each. We asked for 2 and they brought them on separate plates as you can see here. Crispy and hot, not too greasy, with generous veggie and meat filling. Good!

2011 Oct 22
Replacing the defunct Pho Mi 108 , this place opened up this past summer in a strip mall next to Pizza Hut in Bells Corners. After trying it, I'm very happy to have this place nearby!

Prices are excellent, Somerset style. Food quality seemed relatively high for our small sample size.

My wife opted for the Combination No. 6 (pictured here). This is a typical Canadian-Chinese food combo and includes a decent open-ended egg roll. The Almond Guy Ding had an unusually tasty sauce (she said it seemed Vietnamese style) and the Soo Guy was in a rich goopy gravy. Being mostly batter, the latter was not to her taste at all (first time trying this North American monstrosity... haha). The Chicken Fried Rice was very tasty and even had that nice burnt-oil "wok" flavour. It was a strange pinkish colour, but we didn't care!

The combo plate goes for $8.65 and is a very generous portion. Subtract the 10% dine-in/pick-up discount, and you're getting a real meal for fast food prices.

My wife and I both *feasted* for $16.93. I didn't know that was possible anymore. I really hope this place stays in business!

2011 Jul 21
I tried their take out for the first time yesterday after work. They are in Bells Corners, near the Pizza Hut.

I called at 4:05 - they said 15 minutes. I arrived at 4:20, paid the cheque and they walked my bag out of the kitchen. So far so good.

We had:
-> 2 open ended egg rolls - good flavour
-> 2 chicken rolls - very crispy, good flavour
-> 1 wonton soup - my husband said the wontons were a little 'gummy' (for lack of a better word) but he loved the broth and the addition of sliced BBQ pork to the soup
-> Ginger chicken - very intense and delightful ginger flavour, chunks of onion and some pineapple also
-> General Tao's chicken - flavour that I have come to know to be GT chicken - so, good; a tad thick on the batter, but that is a personal preference. There was a good ratio of chicken to vegetables. Some green peppers, decoratively cut carrots and some dried chile peppers
-> Flat Noodle w/ Beef & Black Bean sauce - this was my favourite dish of all - the noodles had a nice flavour - there were nice slices of beef and the black bean wasn't over powering. A little oily, but I have found this to be the case whenever I have had this dish - I suspect it's because the rice noodles don't absorb everything. There was also some green pepper and those pretty cut carrots. It was delicious!
-> Chicken fried rice was included as our order was over $20.00

The whole thing came to $38.60 with tax. There was enough dinner for the two of us, plus seconds, plus lunch today and there is still some left for another serving for lunch tomorrow.

Great value for the money, in my opinion. Much cheaper than my usual favourite, but change is good :-)

2011 Oct 22
My take-out order was the #107 Rice Noodle Soup with Shrimp Pancake, BBQ Pork, Imitation Crab, Fish Balls, Squid, and Bean Sprout.

It came packaged in two tall styrofoam bowls: one for the tasty garlicky-scalliony broth, and the other for the bean sprouts, noodles, meats, and garnishes. The shrimp pancake came in a separate little paper sachet, much the way an egg roll might.

This soup was good, especially considering this is Bells Corners not Chinatown. The meat portions were super generous: 2 shrimp, 2 squid, 2 fish balls (one orange, one white, both cut in half), some pork-fat lardons, 6 or 7 pieces of BBQ pork, and of course the shrimp cake!

At $8 minus 10%, this brought a smile to my face.

2014 Dec 18
The Phở B Huế here is tasty enough that you wouldn't guess you were in the backwater suburb of Bells Corners. ;-) Actually, with East India Company moving into the neighbourhood, Bells Corners is on track for becoming a culinary destination. Good news!