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Italian restaurant in Centretown.

Foods from Chianti


2011 Aug 23
Had lunch on Chianti's beautiful -- but for some reason, underpopulated -- patio today.
Two glasses of house red and an Insalata Mista came to just over $30. The salad was a basic concoction of mixed greens, tomatoes and sliced apple with a balsamic dressing, but the whole reason I'm writing this review is because the shrimp were amazing!
They were big and plump and cooked to perfection. In fact, I'd probably pay the $15 for the shrimp alone. The service was awesome, but as I mentioned, the patio was empty. Bonus: I didn't feel bad smoking cigarettes.
I will be back.

2011 Apr 29
I ate at Chianti for the first time for the Taste for Life event. Decent place, but nothing special.

Nice dining room in an older house. Service was a little haphazard but pleasant, but they acknowledged that they were a little overwhelmed with the larger numbers of diners because of the event.

Wine list is short but OK--limited choices of white wines from places other than Italy (and I am not a great fan of Italian whites).

Starter was prosciutto with buffalo mozzarella (nice combo, generous portion--surprising that I somehow have never had these two together before. Good quality prosciutto and cheese. Only complaint is that it was served with some undressed greens, which I found a little insipid.

Main was veal Gorgonzola, very nice veal with cream sauce and simple but competent sides of broccolini and roasted potatoes.

Dessert was their signature Chianti cake with almonds and ricotta. It was OK--sort of a ricotta filling with a sort of tasteless, stiff pastry around it.

Biggest turn-off: As I passed by the rear of building on the way in I got a big whiff of Ye Olde Fishe, and thought: "Well, I won't be ordering the fish, that is for sure!" Dining room also had that strong smell of old, oily fish--my first guess was mackerel, but from the menu I guessed it was the salmon. Ordering that would have been a BIG mistake.