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2012 Apr 2
NewUser 4664, I order from the Bank/Lisgar location all the time, but have not done so at 3am. Was the order done on the phone? Was it delivery or pick-up? Your mention of "returning" the pizza is ambiguous, as you could have gone in the store and not opened the box until home (which is what most do).

This attitude is inexcusable, though. Was there a big guy, Pacific-Island type guy, with a round face? I think he's usually in charge, and the few times there's been a problem with my order and he was involved, he made sure to give me satisfaction.

I think their size is naturally just a bit smaller than others, and they do thin crust unless requested thick, so that at least may explain that part. The store is very noisy, which is why I do nearly all my ordering online (with cash on delivery) instead of on site or by phone. When on site, I check my receipt after paying to verify it's all okay.

This said, I find their pizza to be the least greasy one downtown. It could have been an inexcusable end-of-shift problem and attitude, and while I can understand your being put-off, I hope you can give them another try - maybe not so late at night, to see if it's a repeat offence.

2012 Mar 31
Location: Bank/Lisgar, Ottawa. It was 3 AM when I placed an order for a large chicken pizza because one of my friends does not eat any other meat. We waited about 10-15 minutes and our pizza was ready. We opened the box and it was pepperoni. Confused, we returned the pizza and said we asked for a chicken. They claimed that we ordered pepperoni, and not only that, that my boyfriend had made the order. I said no, I ordered chicken. One guy in the back, who was eating food and drinking pop, had the audacity to swear at me, saying "bullshit", multiple times. I was so shocked, I didn't say a word. I looked at him in disgust and he didn't say anything after that. None of the three guys working there did but they gave me dirty looks while we waited for the right pizza. When it finally came, it was rather small for a large, thin and the chicken looked like cardboard. The guy working the cashier dropped the pizza on the counter and didn't bother to give me the can of pop until I asked for it. I was courteous and said please. Despite that, he did not return the favour.
Needless to say, I will not be returning.

2010 Oct 18
I went to the Stittsville location yesterday around 5:00 PM.

I ordered two pepperoni slices and a can of Pepsi. Total was $5.49 if I recall correctly.

I've never had 1 for 1 pizza before so I was anxious to see.

Pizza was a lot better than Pizza Pizza. I came away pleasantly surprised.

I expected more of the same, but I was impressed.

Nice think slice, good tasting cheese, good tasting pepperoni.

And the place was really nice, lots of seating and a wide screen tv to watch sports on.

The guy was really nice too, he asked me if it was hot enough and I said it was fine.

Great service, very good pizza.

I'll take this place over Pizza Pizza any day.

2010 May 24
The pizza itself was very good and filling (we got bacon and cheese ) however, the restaurant was in a mess and there was a baby bird on the floor (which we brought to the park)

Food is good but the state of the restaurant....what this is I don't even...

2006 Oct 17
Having lived for years near a 2-4-1 Pizza in Toronto (where there's also a '3-4-1'!), the tongue-in-cheek name of this place is refreshing. It's a typical good pizza joint, with several kinds of slices at the ready. In other words, it's a good place to go to fill the belly with comfort food that won't make you wish you'd gone to the bank machine first.

A demographic observation. The last couple of times I got my lunch here, I "ate in." Though there was steady business (eat in and take out), just about every customer was male: last time, I counted two women, and the time before that, none. Readers may draw their own conclusions!

Pizza 1



2006 Oct 17
"Gourmet thin crust pizza" this isn't -- it's moist puffy crust with sufficiently tasty sauce and cheese (even the Greek pizza has mozzarella on it, in addition to the feta), and no shortage of toppings. It's exactly what I'd expect and want from a buy-by-the-slice place. Nothing particularly original or spectacular here, just standard, consistent pizza.