Lebanese Restaurant in the Glebe

Foods from Naji's

2013 Aug 14
I"ve been here quite a few times and I always have the same thing: the kafta platter. Maybe someday I'll try something different but I really like the kafta - ground beef with parsley, spice, and some oher yummy stuff rolled up in a pita. Tonight I had it with the seasoned potatoes which are chunks of potato with parsley, garlic and I think some lemon - delicious. Spousal unit had his kafta with the fries. They're cut thick and were pretty good. The platter also comes with a cabbage salad, sort of like a coleslaw. Two platters, couple of beers, a regular coffee and a turkish coffee came to $43. Every time I've been, the service has been great. Can't figure out why the place is never busy - it has always been consistently good.

2011 Feb 22
Lentil soup is AMAZING! The best lentil soup I've had so far.

2011 Feb 19
Just like a chicken shawarma. The chicken and garlic sauce were excellent. This comes with a side of cabbage salad which is also excellent, very fresh.

The garlic sauce here has a consistency similar to hummus, but is very nice.

The farrouj and shawarma here are not served with the roasted potatoes you would see at typical shawarma places, but instead with thick cut fries, which in my opinion were just alright, nothing special.

The sandwhich is also smaller than you may be used for, but with the cabbage salad and fries, it is a nice alternative to the usualy shawarma places. Nice decor and good service.