Tags: Bakery · Catering · Grocery · Halal · Lebanese · Quebec
This small bakery makes its own pita, and sells all kinds of dips and salads as well as zataar, meat pies and staples like rice, beans, and sweets. It also offers catering.

Foods from Beirut Boulangerie

2011 Dec 27
We've been going to this small grocery and bakery for many years. Shelf space is rather minimal so don't expect much more than the bare-bone essentials in terms of groceries. However, the baking and catering is excellent and we often pick-up a few containers of rice, falafel, tabouli, vine leaves, hummus and baklava, plus some pita loaves (all made on the premises) on the way home from work for a quick supper when we're too tired to cook. Definitely worth a stopover when stuck in traffic on Des Allumettières.