A breakfast and lunch eatery, open from 6 to 3 daily. Open at 7 on the weekends. Lots of fruit and a very "Quebec" feel to the menu.

Foods from Tutti Frutti


2013 Jun 7
Had brunch at Tutti Frutti last month. It was my first time there.

It was very busy (as expected, particularly since it was Motherís Day). The service was very good. The food was also really good.

Iím not partial to the more well-known breakfast chain (starts w C) as I find their prices to be high and the food underwhelming. At Tutti Frutti, I thought the value was very good for what we got. The portions are plentiful and prices are reasonable.

The challenge for me was actually making a decision on what to order. SO many yummy options. I ended up getting the tuna melt with half fruit/half home fries. Their home fries are DELISH! I ordered The Little Prince (one crepe with fruit) from the kids section for my daughter. The crepe was HUMUNGOUS and tasty. Mom and sis both ordered from the breakfast section and thoroughly enjoyed their plates.

I will definitely return.

2012 Jun 10
Not great, and not inexpensive. We ordered two eggs benedict breakfasts this morning, one with ham and one was the spinach option. We ordered the eggs soft poached. They arrived poached VERY hard. The server took them back with no question, but when they came back they were the exact same plates, but with the eggs replaced and an additional splodge of hollandaise over everything.

I'm not sure how they managed it, but the eggs, ham and english muffins were all completely devoid of any kind of flavor. The muffins were not even toasted, just a mealy disc of dry bread-ishness. Insipid ham, limp eggs and way too much thin and wimpy hollandaise. I've had hollandaise from a packet that was far superior to the Tutti Frutti version. The florentine benedict was much worse. Rather than have the eggs on a bed of spinach. The spinach was somehow processed into tiny pieces sparsely incorporated into the aforementioned hollandaise.

Homefries were OK, and the usual pile of unripe fruit was present, although literally drenched with hollandaise.

When the server inquired how we were enjoying the food, we told her it was just OK, although very bland and tasteless. She offered to bring us something else, but we didn't want to wait for a third breakfast to be prepared.

We were really surprised that a place that specializes in breakfast was not able to provide one decent benedict in 4 attempts. And our disappointment only deepened when the bill came: $33 (not including tip).

2012 May 2
Wasn't too impressed with this Cora clone. Overpriced, eggs benedict with inconsistently poached eggs (some medium-hard, some soft), undercooked/mealy from-frozen homefries, bland fruit.. won't be back.

2011 Mar 27
I can honestly say that brunch has got to be my favourite meal to eat out of the home. Brunch is always an indulgent time for me because itís the middle of the day (actually, letís be honest Ė itís usually the beginning of most of our days! ), the sun is shining and you know that have the whole day to look forward to.

Tutti Fruitti opened up in the west end and I can definitely say that for a chain, itís really a spot that I would go back to! I remember thinking the same thing when the Coraís chain opened up but after years of success, I really found the whole experience started lacking: The service and the food.

Tutti Fruitti is just like Coraís but I found the food to be better. The fruit on each plate is fresh, the serving size is large and can satisfy even the biggest any appetite. CrÍpes, omelettes, waffles, French toast, eggs, fresh fruits and juices, are just a few examples of what you can expect to find at this spot.

We tried the vegetarian omelette (came with some fruit and home fries) and a very indulgent chocolate hazelnut crepe dish.

The interior has a rustic/homey feel and I found the service to be great.

Check em out for a casual breakfast lunch (open until 3pm everyday)!

1463 Merivale
Ottawa, ON K2E 5N9, Canada
(613) 225-4847

Bon Appetit!


2010 Dec 12
We hit up Tutti Frutti yesterday morning as well! I was excited to try a new place so close to home that offered more than typical diner fare.

I had the asparagus and swiss cheese benedict, with my eggs poached hard. Liquid egg yolk grosses me out - personal preference. When my eggs arrived poached soft, I sent them back to be done hard. Not a huge deal; it's happened to me before. What has not happened to me before is the manager coming to apologise and offer up a 25 dollar gift certificate for our next visit. Nice!

The meal was -alright-. The english muffins on the benedict weren't toasted or particularly fresh and it kind of threw off the meal for me, but it was served with TONS of fresh fruit and the homefries were good.

Tutti Frutti seems to be making a valiant effort to compete with the likes of Cora's (really can't help the comparison here - the menu and decor are almost identical), and hopefully these issues are mere growing pains. I did notice on my menu that many more Ottawa locations are scheduled to open up in the new year. I'd visit again and give them another chance!

2010 Dec 11
I went this morning to check it out as it is new and in my neighbourhood.

It was fairly busy at 10:30 on a Saturday. Not much in the way of open tables. They haven't been there long, but this is a chain and they have their operation running pretty smoothly already.

The coffee was good and hot. A bit of a mixup with the juice order but that was quickly settled. "Your order will be up in no time" turned into "We're sorry about the long wait".

The Gourmet arrived and it was a good pile of food. Beans, bacon, ham, sausage, creton, toast, home fries, eggs, fruit and a pancake.

The creton was excellent. Not too creamy, not too gamey, just the right amount of lumpiness. The bacon was sliced so thin I could read through it, but that seems to be the trend these days. The rest was good except for the pancake. I think they use the same batter that they use for their crepes and it makes a really rubbery pancake. YUK.

That, plus taxes, cost me just shy of $20.
I will most likely not be going back. It just seemed like too much money for something so un-spectacular.