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From the Bio Pizza website: Bio Pizza is a Canadian Company dedicated to offering a different experience to Canadian pizza lovers. Our special twist on this very popular food is based on the most natural, wholesome ingredients available, which contain no additives or trans-fat. Our selection of organic foods also include sandwiches, salads, sweets and beverages. Discerning gourmets with allergies or on a special diet will be delighted with our vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free menu.

Serving great food is our business, but caring for the environment is our principle. We believe in running our operation in a responsible, eco-friendly manner. Bio Pizza and its customers can make a difference in the drive for a cleaner, healthier world. This is why we deliver our quality products using hybrid cars, operate from energy-saving facilities and follow the three Rs : Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The food industry can take an active role in the environmental effor

Foods from Bio Pizza

2011 Jul 6
I have ordered delivery from this place twice. The food was ok nothing amazing and more expensive then most delivery places.

I ordered the linguine au gratin and was pretty unimpressed for 15$ and took an hour to get here. The noodles were really soft and there wasn't much meat sauce to fully cover the noodles. The garlic bread was ok. Bit too expensive for the quality and portion.

Had the chicken skewer plate which is good the rice and greek salad are tasty and fresh. Nice flavour of the chicken.
The sweet potatoes were ok - a big soggy.

2011 Jan 3
Excellent GF pizza. Dedicated work area for the GF dough. They do 2 sizes of gluten-free crust in an interesting oval shape. Not as salty as the other GF pizza crusts in town. I'll be back for sure.

2010 Oct 10
Amazing and a great way to start showing the care and appreciation for our environnment and our well beeing.