An outside burger vendor at the flea market in Stittsville, on Carp Road just south of the 417.

Foods from Fritzy's

2010 Aug 29
Went here with some of the family today.

We haven't been to the new flea market since the old one shut down.

It was a lot smaller than before, although I did get what I always get when I went there and that was Archie Comics. I ended up getting 84 of them from an older guy who had boxes full. If I could have afforded it I would've bought all of them.

We saw this place Fritzy's right beside it and they had a sign out in front that said "World's Best Burger".

And from my limited experience, they may be right.

They were very busy so after waiting in line for near on 10 minutes and then waiting for about another 10 more for our food, we were all excited to chow down.

First problem though is, Dad is a vegetarian and they were out of veggie burgers and onion rings! My sister and I laughed, the only two things he would/could eat and they were out!

I have to say this though, after Dad paid for us and walked away the lady gave us a free small fry to give to Dad to make up for the fact they had no veggie burgers or rings. That was nice of them.

The burger was hot, I had to wait a few minutes before I could even bite into it, and when I did it was juicy, flavorful and just really meaty.

It had tomatoes, lettuce, onions, pickles (which I did take off, hate those things!) and ketchup and mustard.

It was really, really good. I'm used to getting burgers from Wendy's (I love their burgers way more than any other fast food joint).

My sister echoed me in saying after that the burger had a really great meaty taste to it. Well cooked and everything.

Too many onions though for my liking, I prefer diced to sliced, but it was still great.

The fries were a bit disappointing actually. Too soft for my liking, I've had better from chip wagons, but not a burger as good as this one.

The seating wasn't too bad for a small place actually. It's weird, it's like a chip wagon but it's on a wooden platform with benches in front and then look on the side and they have two more. For some reason only three of the benches (I think there was six or seven in total) had umbrellas.

We had to sit at one without an umbrella, then when a family left one of the benches with an umbrella we scooted over. Made a huge difference, it was hot out.

As for price, I think it was $8.50 for a combo with a drink and fries. Not too bad.

If we go back to the flea market we'll be eating there again.

Hopefully this time they have veggie burgers and onion rings for Dad.