Foods from Sushi Hull

2010 Aug 27
This place has been open for close a year or two and being the Sushi lovers that we are, we were pretty excited with its arrival since it's pretty close to us. Went in there with no big expectations and we were quite pleasantly suprised.

From the outside, it doesn't look like much next to a pizza joint but the inside is quite nice. The service is great and so is the food. I think the best about it is the fact that it is very reasonably priced as opposed to most Japanese restaurants I've been to. To give you an example, a plate of 40 Makis comes to about 24$ only.

They also have a great dinner for two where you get a miso soup, one choice of apetizer, a choice of two rolls of Makis and two Nigiris plus a Teriyaky dish and dessert for only 32$.

I highly recommend it to any Sushi / Japanese food lover.