This vendor no longer exists!


BBQ pork & beef, they also have fries, poutine, corn bread. Located at Mitch Owens @ Stagecoach near Emerald Links golf course.

Backyard Bar-B-Que
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2013 Jul 18
It hasn''t been there since last Fall.

There's a company that sells sheds in that space and a sign for a medical centre.

2013 Jul 18
The address is given as 6500 Mitch Owens Dr.

I'm guessing it used to be in what appears to be an empty lot at the corner of Mitch Owens and Stagecoach. Can anyone confirm that it has gone?

One block West of here:

2010 Aug 22
While on a drive out near Emerald Links @ Manotick Stn, I ran into this little BBQ kiosk in the middle of nowhere. It was closed, so I returned when it was open just to give it a shot. We ordered the pulled pork & brisket sandwiches. The brisket was reheated in the microwave - a big no-no because it changes the texture & tenderness of the beef. The taste was good though. The pulled pork was good. The sandwiches were served on some standard sausage buns. The sauce was excellent and I would have liked more, the meat could have used more smoke. We had the beans and coleslaw on the side, the beans were awesome, but the slaw was just ok (too sweet?) Majorly large portions, the total was under $20 for two sandwiches, two sides and a drink.