The Poutine Queen is situated in Almonte on High Street just off of Bridge Street. The truck is painted an attention grabbing bubblegum pink. One of their unusual specialties is stuffed poutine.

Poutine at The Poutine Queen
Foods from The Poutine Queen

2012 Aug 22
Based on this review, I stopped by yesterday for a burger and onion poutine. Delicious! Why I never had onion in my poutine before this I will never know! The onion combined with the burger was truly excellent. I would have liked a little more gravy but the fries were excellent.

2010 Aug 3
CTV Ottawa's call out to find out about the best chip truck in the region has caused the fans of The Poutine Queen to speak out. We had never heard of The Poutine Queen and decided that a place that talked about needed to be checked out. It is located in Almonte on High Street, just off of Bridge Street.

The family of 4 picked up two small fries at $2.75 each and then 2 poutines, a small and a medium. The pop goes for $1.00 each. Many of the fans posting on the CTV Ottawa website commented on their stuffed poutine and perhaps it was a poor call on our part to just go with regular.

Although the fries were okay, they really paled compared to ones we have closer to home. The fries used for the poutine were just taken from the stash that had already been fried but waiting around. Too cooled down to do what the heat needs to do to the curds. The fries in the small orders was fresh out of the fryer but the fries were quite light. We like them much darker. For the amount of fries you get for $2.75, it was a deal.

We have tried a number of chip trucks that we like much better, so from here on in, we will stay closer to home.

For pictures and to read more, feel free to check out my blog entry on The Poutine Queen.

2012 May 23
I also like caramelized onions in poutine and luckily an amazing creation is available at the Poutine Queen in Almonte. I head by here on the way to/from the cottage and a stop is guaranteed most times. There is of course fries and regular poutine, as well as burgers, etc, but the stand out for me is the specialty poutine. There is a turkey stuffing poutine, a chili poutine, and my favourite, the Burger n' Onion poutine. Diced hamburger patty and fried onions grace this poutine which features a very good gravy and, in my opinion, good fries. They look hand cut, are on the skinny side (which I like), dark, and hot. A large is a heart stopper and runs around $7. They also have fried pickle spears which I need to try next. The truck has moved and changed colour since it was first established. It is now a large, new, yellow trailer in the Esso parking lot at the West end of town, at the corner of Almonte Ave (county road 16) and Christian St (county road 11).