Rockcliffe Boathouse Marina
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2010 Jul 22
Man Overboard! Jaws dives off the deep-end for Wings!

The Rockcliffe Boathouse Marina

A relaxing little hidden away restaurant along the Rideau River, the Rockcliffe Boathouse Marina makes a fantastic, scenic, change of pace.

Today, we decided to get away from the office for lunch to take advantage of the beautiful, not-too-humid weather. From the large dock/patio, you can relax while watching the tour boats and watercraft passing back and forth, throwing out a little wave to the tourists every now and then.
Upon our arrival, I was happy to find that they do have wings! They have the 3 basic heats @ $12.00/lb, and no apparent wing night. I decided to take it easy and go with medium...I did have to return to work and didn't want to risk a grumbly stomach. The wings were a decent, average size; not too small, but not super hormone injected either. As far as flavour is concerned, the abundance medium sauce was a slightly spicy BBQ; granted, it was something you could probably get out of a bottle at the grocery store, but overall, a good wing. While I wouldn't say that they're really worth paying the full price for, I would pay it again just for the atmosphere of eating on the water. The boathouse also offers a wide selection of appetizers, pub fare, sandwiches, wraps and meals - there's something for everyone.

I will definitely be going back on an evening or weekend, when I am able to relax with a beer or even glass of wine with my all I need to find is a friend with a boat.

Wing Size: 7.75
Wing flavour/sauce: 7
Recommended Beer: Keith's, but the atmosphere is very conducive to a glass of just feels right