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Family friendly restaurant set in the Priest's Mill in the heart of Alexandria . Opened in June,2009 for 27 days before a fire (arson) put us out of business . It has taken 1 year to rebuild but We are back and opening Mid July 2010 to great anticipation . Come in and taste our famous ribs and try our signature Jam Butty dessert . The Patio , overlooking the waterfall & beautiful stonework of the mill , will be open for those who like to relax under the sun or stars . For those who love wings , come and try our homemade sauces and for the " You can't make a sauce hot enough for me " types we dare you to take on Big Luke's Voodoo sauce ( No extracts or potions , just real peppers !) No tv's to distract you from your company , just a relaxed atmosphere enjoy friends & great food . Reservations are recommended as the place is crazy busy . Cheers

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2012 Oct 11
And it looks like this entry was created by Big Luke himself...

2012 Oct 11
Amazing how all the posters commenting on this vendor have only ever made one post, for Big Luke's, of course.

2012 Oct 11
Big Lukes provides an easy atmosphere for a relaxing and superbe eating experience. I will be going back many more times. Bravo Big Luke!!!!

2011 Aug 14
East of Ottawa is a wasteland for decent food. The only exception is Knox Fine Dining in Moose Creek. Big Luke's is very ordinary.....

2010 Aug 25

Me and ten other friends went to eat at Big Luke’s Take 2 for the first time at their new location in the Priest's Mill last week, and had a fabulous time. Having eaten at Big Luke’s before at their old place, I wondered if the food would be as good as I remembered it now in its fancier setting. I was not disappointed - the food was great, as was the service. It’s a good idea to go in a group so that you can sample more items off their impressive menu. Unfortunately my group wasn’t in the sharing mood, - I guess that the food was just too good ,but at least I can attest that the ribs are outstanding. Combined with the pleasant surrounding and alcohol, it made for a great night out. I would recommend it to anyone looking for tasty food, big portions, a relaxing setting and warm hospitality.

2010 Aug 9
Stopped there for lunch on Saturday August 7th with a group of 8. Wasn't planned, just saw the sign as we were driving through town around lunch time and decided it looked like a good place to stop. And we were very right! Beautifully restored building, wonderfully friendly service (despite the fact that we were tracking dirt all over the clean tiling), excellent food.

I had the spicy beef salad. Tasty, tender meat, just the right level of heat for me, fresh greens. Most of my friends had the poutine, which they said was good, but maybe a bit heavy when followed with the famous jam butty.

Now, most of those guys never order desert. But they could not resist once said jam butty was described to us. It is indeed very good. Dough a bit similar to a beaver tail but with a pocket of fruit filling inside the dough, plus ice cream, chocolate, cinnamon, real whipped cream (I hate the fake stuff)... Not healthy I'm sure, but as we were hiking all day and don't visit Alexandria every week, why not!

2010 Aug 8
Wow! What an awesome setting - spacious and yet oh so quaint. We were a party of 11 and they had the perfect spot to make us feel that we had a private party. We were able to enjoy cocktails and chit chat at our leisure and then Big Luke's delivered again on their fantastic food I've been craving for the last year. For our table, they served up ribs (yum, yum), prime rib, wok stir fry, caesar salads, escargot, onion soup, and the touch finale - jam butty. The staff are friendly and the service was great! So happy you're back open. This is a must for all those in the vicinity and even those not, it won't disappoint. Enjoy and Bon Appétit!

2010 Aug 2

If you like local, home grown, talented chefs with a flare of social responsibility, you'll love Big Luke's Take Two.

Big Luke, owner and chef, is an Alexandrian with a gift for food, hospitality, warmth and a family friendly restaurant. Bring the kids and sit at a table outside by the falls or huddle inside a booth with your favorite person. There is a place for everyone and lots of options for a variety of foodies. As a meat lover, I recommend the ribs and chicken with spicy fries. The jam buttys are something else and you should plan ahead for it - raspberry, loaded, definitely. On the days I am watching my waistline, I enjoy the salads; they are all fresh, perfectly seasoned. I favor the Greek salad.

What about the social responsibility part? Among other things, Big Luke regularly raises funds for the Childrens Hospital of Eastern Ontario (CHEO) to help little ones and their families feel a little better when times are tough. Couldn't we all use a little more of that?

2010 Jul 17
I took my family to Big Luke's for dinner this evening. The first thing that caught my attention was the restaurant layout, and decor. What a pleasant, relaxing place to eat a meal.

The food was very good. We enjoyed several different dishes at our table. The portions were generous, and very satisfying.

The service was friendly and attentive. A family-run restaurant, they extend their family to include their customers, as I observed this service extended to every table.

Very good value. I would not hesitate to dine there with my family again.