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Cock and Lion
Cock and Lion
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2013 May 22
I used to be a frequent patron of C&L many years ago. Getting out for lunch isnít as easy as it once was, plus the construction on Sparks has made the patio less appealing.

But a few weeks ago, I went to C&L for a work lunch. The dining experience was awful!

The patio wasnít full but it took a long time before our orders were taken, many menu items were crossed out in black, we were then told that all options containing roast chicken were unavailable, one colleague never received her order, there were mix-ups with some bills, and generally speaking the food was horrible. I ordered a philly steak sandwich and received inedible fries and found processed cheese covering the steak. It was hands-down the worst dining experience I had had in a long time. The only positive thing I can say is that I really liked the ice tea. Anyhow it was such a cluster-f that it was actually comical in the end.

Huge thumbs down.

2012 Apr 26
Mediocre bar frequented by Hill types and public servants.

Beer selection, not bad.

Atmosphere, worn but homey

Food, standard pub fare, minus curry :(

I went out to the Cock and Lion for beers and a bite last night with a buddy. I had the buffalo chicken wrap with a side salad. This was a well done buffalo wrap. Crispy chicken fingers dowsed in franks red-hot, and wrapped in a tortilla with all the other standard goodies.

Salad w/ bottled dressing, did the trick too, but wasn't expecting anything else.

Half a pitcher of Tankhouse and the wrap was 20 bucks.

Average watering hole, slightly better then average food.

PS. Skip the potato skins. I had these on a previous occasion and they are virtually inedible.

2010 Apr 14
Cock and Lion - Generally inexpensive, but a little worn

Decided to brave the basement karaoke Thursday's and try the wings at the Cock and Lion. It's an older pub with old, worn, but comfy wing chairs and many booths to choose from. They offer a modest selection of wing flavours (the heats, honey garlic, bbq), made from a Franks Hot Sauce base. I ordered the hot (I think Franks Hot Sauce alone is hotter), and my friend ordered the medium. The medium were made from a hot + bbq mix. I don't quite understand the BBQ mix - sure it dulls the heat (which in this case wasn't even really hot), but is a BBQ-hot flavour, not medium as I would call it... In any case, the wings were a decent size, came with sour cream, and lettuce and julienned carrots, for $7.99 regular price. Overall, the wings were fine, but not great - fyi, karaoke doesn't start until 9:30.

Wing Size - 6
Wing Sauce - 4
Recommended Beer - had a Diet Coke, but you're safe with anything - generally, Keiths or Guiness is a favourite.

2010 Mar 20
THUMBS UP. Food was decent. I wouldn't say it was great. We had burgers and it was good. I will say that the fries were amazing and of course beer was good as well. Nice atmosphere and feels open in spite of being on the basement level. Very good service, friendly staff.