CrÍpes at Crepella
Foods from Crepella

2010 Jun 18
We stumbled upon this place when we were doing some errands in the same plaza. As another reviewer said, you might miss it if you're not looking for it.

We really liked this place a lot. I had an M. Lemontine smoothie (lemonade, orange sorbet, bananas) and BF had a Maurice smoothie (no idea what was in it).

He opted for a sweet crepe - Monique - vanilla custard, bananas, strawberries and powdered sugar.

I went for the savoury option with chicken, bechamel sauce, green peppers, onions and mushrooms and a little side salad.

All the food is so fresh and made right in front of you, which is fun to watch. The owner told us that he named all the sweet options after "sweet women" and all the male smoothie options "for something cool for the guys".

I would highly recommend this place. Yum.

2010 Feb 22
A friend had read some good reviews for a new place called Crepella that serves different types of crÍpes and waffles all day long. We made the short drive to Hunt Club and almost missed the restaurant had it not been for the blinking GPS blue light telling me that we were at the correct address. The place is hidden behind Tucsonís on Bank & Hunt Club. Blink, and youíll miss the entire plaza.

Crepella is small in size, with a few tables catering to 15 or so patrons placed around a large working-area where the owner Mike and his assistant make the crÍpes ordered right before your eyes. There is a fairly decent number of take-out customers that get their waffles, smoothie and protein shakes to go. But we were lucky enough to find a table and settle in for a quick-ish brunch.

We started off with savoury choices; a Bonaparte, Tatiana and Josephine -not the people. Crepellaís menu is made up of male and female names for their menu items.

Our Valerie arrived, the plate was wiped clean. And if that wasnít enough, Mike (of Crepella) came out with a plateful of his freshly made ďachtaĒ for us to sample, a topping/filling made up of 2% milk beaten into a thicker consistency and served with honey, crushed pistachios and other nuts. YummmÖ

All in all, I really liked the place. Itís clean, the choices are as diverse as they are healthy and the fact that you can watch your food being made right in front of you is an added bonus for those curious about the waffle-making process. Itís also nice to have a place specializing in and offering waffles and crÍpes all-day long.

If you find youíre in the mood for some delicious crÍpes and/or trying to eat a little healthier, make a stop at Crepella.


2010 Apr 8
Crepella is a wonderfull little place that I visited a few times now. We stoped at Crepella for lunch this Easter long weekend, and I was once again so impressed with their service and the freshness and quality of their food and ingreadients (the crapes are made right in front of you to order).

I had the Crepe Michel - which is a savory crepe filled with chicken, cheese, and lots of fresh lettuce,avocado and tomato. Delish!

Our crapes were so good that our group had to try the Monique for dessert - it was filled with sweet custered, strawberries, and bannanas and topped with caramel sauce and powdered sugar. It was amazing, and the owner was nice enough to provide us with a side of achta(a mix of yogurt,cashews, pistachios,almonds).

Needless to say, I will be returning.