Now at 1029 Daze (South Keys mall), formerly "KS Restaurant" at Bank and Albion.

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2015 Aug 23
Nice haddock and potato cakes at KS (IMO this place is a jewel in the keys:))))

2012 Nov 24
Not a bad quick dinner before a movie. I had the tilapia and pilaf with veg side -- the fish was tasty, with a light breading embedded with herbs. The bland pilaf failed to dazzle, but the robustly sized veg pieces (naked and steamed al dente) were fresh, which I deeply appreciated. Partner declared the cannelloni passable, and it certainly looked like it had been hand-made. Across the table, the boy quickly dispatched a plate of chicken tenders and fries. I managed to sneak a fry off his plate (fingers intact), but could not see what the fuss was about.

The room is spacious and pleasant, the service pert. The vertiginous menu sprawls continents, and made decision-making more difficult, but not in a good way -- it would probably benefit from some trimming.

All in all, I would return, perhaps when I'm in the mood for pizza (which looked good, whizzing past our table).

2012 Nov 18
Went to KS for the first time since they changed locations (I know, I know....its been a few years lol). One of my party had the bacon and eggs and was quite satisfied with it. I had a small pepperoni and green olives and it was very tasty. The crust was perfectly cooked and was not soggy on the bottom. The other two people had a medium KS special and loved it. Again the crust was perfectly cooked. Will definitely go again when I am in the neighbourhood.

2012 Feb 13
I don't know if it's still on, but St Hubert on St Laurent was giving away big insulated takeaway food bags as a promotion a few weeks ago. Got two and they pretty much fit anything for maybe 4-6 people: have used them for thai, pho, 'za, toasted subs...

2012 Feb 12
I'm giving you a nice warm thumbs up for mentioning the pizza bag. I got one too (though mine was $50) and it really does make a difference. I got mine at C.A. Paradis and I could probably fit 4 extra large pies in it. It's good when I get chicken dinners or anything else that is oddly shaped.

BTW, those pizzas look pretty darned good. Just the way I like 'em. Nicely browned cheese and thick crust.

2012 Feb 12
Pizza # 2 Vegetarian (mushrooms,olives,green peppers)

Don't get me wrong I do like olives but there were way too many this time. Was up drinking water all night!

2012 Feb 12
Hmmm KS pizza.....satisfies my pizza craving every time. Can't say we've ever tried anything else on the menu.

Pizza # 1 pepperoni, hot peppers, pineapple

The dough is perfect, nice and chewy not too thick not too thin. Their sauce could use a little bit of salt but if you like nice salty green olives on your pizza then it works. Just the right amount of ooey gooey cheese.

We always get the pizzas to go. Just bought an insulated pizza bag, well worth the $30 bucks.

2011 Jun 21
Have been to to Ks multiple times since it moved to Daze street, most recently Sunday pm, mid June 2011.

Despite the focus on pizza, K's has rapidly become my go to place for dinner salads. No, really, i'm being serious... stop looking at me like that...

Kidding aside, they have five or so huge salads on the menu with beef, chicken, fish and shrimp options and i'm constantly impressed with the freshness and tastiness of the ingredients.

The Greek salad isn't going to blow anyone's mind, but it's a solid plate of romaine, cukes, tomatoes, olives, feta and shrimp or chicken in a good dressing.

Similarly the ceasar isn't the greatest ceasar salad of my life or anything but quality and ample as a meal with the chicken or shrimp.

Same to be said for the seasoned salmon, spinach mandarine, warm beef and the asparagus whatchamacallit salads.

Carb avoidance aside, I've also enjoyed the mediteranean dip appetiser.

Put it this way... when i'm looking for a pile of protein on veg in a nice setting, K's is hitting all the right notes for me lately.

Service is always friendly.

Dip starter, two dinner salads and two drinks runs about $40.

Will continue to go back, will send other carb-avoiding people who don't mind watching other diners enjoy pizza while munching on predatory rabbit food.

2010 Apr 29
I took my daughter (17) for dinner, we arrived at 5:30 and we couldn't sit on the main floor it was too busy. We sat on the top level which was nice you can overlook the restaurant. The modern deco is impressive and on Thursdays they have a fellow that plays a keyboard and sings - he was really good and not too loud (I was told he is there every Thurs). The server was attentive and pleasant until the end we waited 15 minutes before she came to take our empty plates (thatís a big no-no for me). Overall though, she was a good server with a friendly personality. It's a little noisy when full.
I ordered the chicken Caesar wrap with fries. Sauce was good, chunks of chicken breast with mozzarella no parmesan and no bacon with WAY TOO much lettuce. Overall taste was good, fries are the skinny ones and they were cold when the plate arrived. I wouldn't order it again. My daughter ordered the linguine with a cream sauce and shrimp. It came with bits of tomatoes, red peppers, very few mushrooms and three shrimp. My daughter wasnít impressed because the sauce was bland. I had a beer (stella), she had a pepsi. With a 15% tip it came to $43. I would go back, I want to try the pizza and the wings...and some of the Asian selections. I saw a few dishes being served, such as lasagne and a few of the Asian dishes and they looked yummy. If you go on Thursday make a reservation...probably weekend too. It was packed! My score out of 10 for this visit would be 6.

2010 Apr 5
I couldn't edit my previous comment so I'm posting again.

KS on the Keys, formerly known at 'KS' or 'K&S', recently moved to its new location on Daze St. in Ottawa from its old location near Bank and Albion. It's now located right across the street from the South Keys Cinema.

The decor has gone from dingy diner to trendy eatery. There are three open concept dining levels which all have the same modern design and high ceilings. Even though the design is very trendy, there is something retro about it, which somehow balances out the angles of the modern design.

The old KS restaurant had been around 30 years and specialized in pizza and some would say Ottawa's best pizza. My fellow diners enjoyed a Canadian pizza which had bacon, mushrooms and pepperoni.

I had the Wild Salmon with a creamy leek sauce as well as a salad and fresh veggies as my two side dishes.

This restaurant had, and still has, an extensive menu which includes Chinese, Italian and Vietnamese dishes.

I have to admit that I never wanted to eat at the old KS restaurant. I just didn't feel comfortable there. I am however excited that the new location is what it is and that the establishment now reflects the true greatness of the food. It is now comfortable for me to go and enjoy it.

The eats are very reasonable prices and the service is great. A supervisor/manager-type person event did the rounds twice to see if everything was ok.

For me, one of the true reflections of a restaurant is how they prepare their 'fresh vegetables' - cuz sometimes they ain't so fresh! This diner-turned-chic-eatery got it bang-on. Fresh-tasting al dente veggies! A beautiful tasty fresh salad! Yay veggies!

Once the word gets out, this place will be packed. It was quite busy only one week after its opening and I can imagine that being across from the cinemas and being centrally located near shopping will attract many hungry diners.