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Whether you're in the mood for summer rolls, spring rolls, pho, sushi, or stir fried dishes, Wonton Mama, will quench your hunger.

Wonton Mama
Wonton Mama
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2013 Nov 28
I come to wontonmama almost every weekend. This place has such great food and service. I can honestly say that the sushi rolls here are amazing and one of the best place to have sushi. The quality of the fish are so fresh and the texture of the rice is always on point. My favourite house roll here would be the "My Favourite Roll" and "Kiss Roll". Another favourite of mine here is the grilled calamari. It's not too chewy, the sauce is perfect and the presentation is beautiful. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to come into a place with great quality fusion food with good vibes and have drinks.

2013 Jun 3
Ate at WontonMama for the first time Saturday night. What a tucked-away treat.

Itís a cozy spot with great service. The food was also good. Despite the name, you wonít find wontons on the menu.

We ordered from the Happy Hour menu (which apparently applies all-day, you just need to purchase a drink). Great value @ either 3 appetizer items for $12 or 3 sushi rolls for $15. We had:
- salt and pepper calamari - well seasoned, light, tasty Ė wish there had been more on the plate
- lotus leaf wrapped sticky rice - delicious (although Iíll say that one I buy the same at a Chinese grocery store)
- shrimp tempura - tasty although the batter was different than any I had had before
- Sushi rolls: Florida roll, eel roll, and spicy tuna - all tasty.

All in all, a good experience. I found the price of drinks a bit pricey ($5 for virgin cesar) but generally speaking, all very good value for money with the Happy Hour offerings.

2012 Jun 28
They currently have a happy hour special, I believe it is $12 for 3 appetizers. A good deal, a nice patio and food was pretty good too!

2012 May 9

This place was simply just great!!

I tried it for the first time today. All the other restaurants were packed, but this one was completely empty.

The atmosphere was amazing, everything was so carefully done, I loved the lights on the wall, the candles on the tables, the colors, the floor, everything!
The washrooms were clean and spacious.

We ordered some Thai fried rice and some lemon chicken.
The service was very fast (but not too fast either!), and the food was delicious.

The fried rice was a bit spicy, and I think they should have mentioned it somewhere (or maybe I was too hungry and didn't notice it). They could have gone a little further with the presentation but it tasted amazing. Nothing to complain about.

The lemon chicken was something too...
Crispy on the outside, tender in the inside. The lemon sauce was very well made, unlike some places that mess it up.
Great dish, I definitely recommend it.

The server was a friendly girl who was a little TOO friendly. I hate it when servers come to ask how you're doing and stick around for hours talking to you.
Please let me eat my food :p

Everything we had was very reasonably priced, and we were happy to get a normal-sized portion (we were worried it would be too small).

Anyway I think I found my new favourite restaurant in the Byward Market!
I will definitely be back.

2011 May 9
we always enjoy the food there. but the place was close for few month. this is out first time there after they reopen. they renovate the place,doesn't look anything near before. it looks great. the lights came out of the stone wall is sick. we were there on saturday night, they have a happy hour menu. $15 for 3 sushi rolls and $12 for 3 apts. we had three apts and 3 sushi rolls plus the "How i Roll", pretty pricy for one sushi roll but it was very good, best sushi roll i ever have. salmon inside with sante beef on top. pretty stupid name but i guss it works. we had a pitcher of soppora beer for $15 which is very good price. check this place out when you are in the market. they are pretty good.

2011 May 9
My compliments to the chefs. This was truly my best sushi experience. I enjoyed it very much. I will be returning soon. Great service, great atmosphere. This restaurent is a must try.
Thank you!

2011 Feb 21
New User 3485 why do you keep going to this place if you dislike it so much? It's the only place you have commented on and you just keep posting useless, vague reviews about how they are terrible.

I've enjoyed the food there for the most part, the wonton soup is relatively bland but otherwise, it has been good.

2011 Jan 24
This is an OK restaurant, nothing special.
We had to ask for clean dishes and cutlery few times because all had marks. Service was terrible, and food was not good at all.
I do not recommend this place.

2010 Apr 6
I love won tons and I enjoyed their dumplings but their bubble tea was a miss!..;(

at times when I want to go in is closed but when is open is delicious!!!

2010 Feb 28
Both times been here it has been surprisingly empty, when the food is good and reasonably priced (~10$/dish).

The only misleading thing was that they don't have a large selection of wontons. Like the previous post mentioned there is a bunch of thai food, sushi, noodles and some wontons. Drinks are shakes, bubble tea and they are in the process of getting their liqueur license.



2011 Feb 18
Really bad, there is a reason why this restaurant is empty all the time. "NO QUALITY" , "BAD SERVICE" and "DIRTY CUTLERY/PLATES"

I ve tried many restaurants in the ByWard Market, and WontonMama is so far the worst experience I ve ever had.

The smaller and underground Aurora (Mexican Cantina few steps away/on dalhousie) is a way better experience than this dirt hole.