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First place in Ottawa to let you cook your steak on a rock.

Foods from Crazy Horse

2012 Jul 1
I went here for a work dinner. There were 17 of us, and they split us between two large adjoining tables.

The decor is definitely western, but comfortable, the service was very good considering we were a larger group.

The food was surprising good. I think everyone went for steak, and most for the rock grill (a very hot lava rock is placed in front of you on which you grill your own steak - 1 rock per person). I enjoyed the rock steak - fun experience although I don't know how much better it is than having it cooked. I also had some scallops with it. The sides I chose (the steak comes with 2 siddes) were caesar salad and onion petals. The salad was pretty good, a bit wilted. The onion petals were meh.

If you are looking for steak in Kanata I'd recommend the crazy horse. We were out by 9pm, so well before the bar scene got underway.

2010 Feb 21
My husband and I love our date nights and made our way out for a friend's birthday one night in January. Started with dinner (our 3rd try at this place since mid-December) and drinks and waited for the band to come on. Dancing all night was something we all really needed, but then the younger rougher crowds showed up and let me just say that unless you're up for bumped around on the dance floor, getting mistreated and disrespected by the bouncers, don't waste your time, money and hearing (wow the music was loud - louder than any bar I have been to in my life!). I am the FIRST type of customer to compliment the chef, the management or anyone else doing a fine job. I am known to seek out management and give them a thumbs up (they always say 'phew, we are so used to complaints that it's refreshing to hear some good news - thanks!'). So! I can't say I'm at all impressed with the manager(s) and ownerS of this establishment. My friends purse got stolen later in the night. A rough crowd and not really my cup of tea. The first time I went, I had salmon (I love my fish!), and is was hugely disappointing. Dry...and the baked potatoe was puny and also...dry. Salad was so-so. Next time I went for a good old steak and it was pretty good - but I make a good steak at home too, so the price tag attached to it wasn't really worth it. Anyhow! I personally don't like the stone grill thing. 2 of our friends got the stone grill on a Wed. night back in December and even after only putting a tiny bit of oil to cook his scallops, the oil was spattering everywhere and kept hitting me and him! Ouch. Mentioned this to the waitress and she said 'yah, that happens a lot' and then walked away. So all in all, service and food are mediocre. If you're 30++, ask around and you'll hear similar stories. They want your dinner $$ and then want you out. 4 restaurants in something like 5 years have gone belly up in this area. I have just joined Ottawa Foodies and am very eager to share my views and experiences so as to support classy and worthy business owners in all areas of Ottawa. Cheers and happy eating!

2010 Jan 28
Grab hold of them reigns! You’re in for a ride at Coo Coo Cheval…..ok maybe not. Place was fairly empty. Food was decent, but deep fried food always leaves me feeling slower then a manatee. Best part of the platter, were the chicken wings. What the food was lacking, was made up with the atmosphere. Isn’t it funny how boots and hats really make everything better? So overall I’d say on a better night, The Crazy Horse puts on a fine rodeo.

2010 Jan 27
A friend of mine and I stopped at Crazy Horse before the Sens game last week (Sens won!). The place has a very old-western-movie bar like appearance (kinda fun) and is rockin' loud country music. It was the only restaurant in the centrum where there wasn't a huge line-up, which was great! We opted for the sampler platter ($23), which comes with wings, chicken fingers, calamari, stuffed potatoes, quesadilla wedges and onion peels. Its all deep fried and pretty heavy, we didn't finish it, but for what it was, it was decent. It came with blue cheese and creamy dill dipping sauce for the wings (a rarity in Ottawa) and plum sauce for the fingers. Since I like to focus on wings... Their wings come in several flavours, including BBQ, dry Cajun Dusted, Chipotle, Red Hot and Jalapeno Molassess. I ordered the Cajun Dusted to get away from the goopy medium I usually order other places. They were good, juicy, but not remotely spicy, which was somewhat disappointing. Nexy time I think I'll try the red hot (I'm guessing it might be a Franks base?), but otherwise I'd go for something else completely.

Wing Size: 7.5
Sauce/Spice: 6.5
Recommended Beer: We went with Keiths, but you could really drink anything with them. A good dark/red beer would go nicely to make up for the lack of spiciness.

2010 Jan 11
I'm looking for a GOOD steak place...something different from The Keg...Any suggestions anyone?

2009 Nov 3
Important note: They do not have high chairs!

Odd, especially for a Kanata restaurant. Apparently the soccer Mom crowd is not their target audience. The place was empty at 5:30 on a Monday, not terribly surprising but I am sure the 15 covers in our party would have helped on such a quiet night.

Perhaps the bar crowd will carry them through, but I give them pretty long odds on making it... with the location that has seen 4 restaurants go dark in 5 years and stiff competition from mediocre, but mini-van friendly, Montana's and Jack Astor's within spitt'n distance.

From the little I could see, standing mouth agape at the hostest stand, processing her response to my high-chair question, the decor is nice.

They do have booster chairs, so maybe I'll be able to eat here somewhere around Sept 2010.

2009 Sep 4
Four of us went out to this place tonight and enjoyed ourselves. Got there early 5:30 no line. Tried to make reservations earlier in the week but was told they were too busy for reservations. I had the fried chicken with jalapeno cornbread and coleslaw and veggies. It was ok nothing special wing, leg and small breast $17. My wife had the steer ribs with potato wedges and veggies. The ribs were brazed then finished on the grill with a BBQ sauce good but a tad on the pricey side at $22. My friend had the strip steak he said it was good and would come back. The price of a 16 oz rib was $38 a bit pricey. Desert was apple pie with caramel very small with a small scoop of ice cream. The cheesecake option was much better value with three small pieces for variety. They were out of mac anc cheese. How could they be out of mac and cheese at 5:30. Ok experience a bit pricy for what you get. They seem to push the steak rock grilling experience. I would have tried it but after cooking suppers all week I kinda wanted the work done for me.

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