Lebanese take-out in L'Esplanade Laurier, 2nd floor. Fattoush salad with chicken shawarma and other lebanese dishes. Only open day-time, i.e. office hours.

Al Pacino
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2012 Jun 14
Is the platter USB compatible?

Any place I go to that wants to charge extra for regular items like hummus or garlic sauce, I'll just say no-thanks and leave the store. Usually followed by a furious tirade because the guy has a sandwich half-made already.

That's just me, though. I'm a jerk.

2012 Jun 13
I'm not sure why I gave Al Pacino a second, or perhaps third chance, but I regret it.

This is a weak shawarma platter. Meager, fatty chicken, soft undercooked potatoes (!), mayonnaise-like garlic sauce and pickled cabbage (wtf)? I realize others may like the cabbage, but I want my turnip and pickles.

They charged me an extra dollar for hummus and garlic (legit shawarma places don't do that), I had to specifically ask for the pickled cabbage, (it wasn't stock), and the chicken was of small quantity and of low quality.

I will say however, that their fatoush mix (which includes little pieces of broccoli and cauliflower) is beautifully seasoned.

My go-to downtown is Shawarma Express on Slater; I could write a whole essay describing how their offerings are much better.

2011 Sep 17
So far this is the best falafel I've had in Ottawa which isn't saying much....

I have to say its the pickled cabbage that makes it something special. Way better than those disgusting turnips they seem to have everywhere.

If anyone knows where to find a fresh falafel made to order I'd love to hear about it. I want to see the falafel go into the fryer with my own eyes!

2011 Apr 29
Best fattoush ever. VERY lemony and delicious. The only downside is that this place offers marinated cabbage (??!) instead of the turnip. They used to have the turnip, and for about a year now, I've only seen the cabbage.

Falafel are also the best I've ever tried.

2011 Apr 11
Firstly, I wasn't sure Al Pacino would already been in the Ottawa Foodie's directory.

Secondly, I'm so surprised by the previous posts. It really goes to show how subjective each experience can be.

Rarely do I go a week without grabbing chicken fattoush from Al Pacino's to take back to the office with me. I've been going for a handful of years already with more frequent visits in the past few years.

Of all the fattoush salads I've tried in Ottawa, Al Pacino's is the best (in my opinion of course). They manage to keep their pita chips crispy and the blend of veggies with the dressing is perfection. I find the chicken just moist enough, coupled with the intense garlic sauce. I write all this as I munch on my fattoush salad for this week.

Anyhow it's grossly unfortunate that someone posted an experience of finding a cockroach in their salad. Very ick.

2010 Oct 18

My friend ordered the fattoush salad and halfway through found a dead cockroach. Please advise all to not order from here unless you enhoy bugs in your food.

2010 Apr 30
Skip this shawarma Place. I really do not understand why they are always so busy. I work around the corner and I love to come to L'esplanade for lunch due to the diverse options. TO be honest, the garlic is more like mayonaise, the chicken is extremely dry and servers are lets say, curt.

One word, MEH. I will give a positive review of their fatoush, but there is nothing to fatoush in the first place. It's just salad with old fried pita's.

Check out the Greek place (which isn't the best either) adjecant to Alpacino's for a gyro, which is far better due to the tzatsiki sause which isn't mayonaise.

2009 Jun 21
Best fattoush salad I've ever had. And with the shawarma chicken it's a real hit. Other Lebanese dishes are available, but once you've had the fattoush you'll never want anything else.