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2014 Mar 10
OSM - IMO it is really really good. I drink it straight with just a bit of ice or it is nice mixed with a bit of elderflower soda.

Most gins have 10 botanicals in the recipe, Botanist has 22 botanicals all sourced from the Isle of Islay. It has very distinct herb notes with out that sharp rubbing alcohol type note that some other gins have. It's made by Bruichladdich distillery.

2014 Mar 10
OSoloMeal, Bombay is a great mixer. But if you're sipping it straight or are making a gin-forward cocktail like a gin old-fashioned then you'll probably appreciate the extra depth of The Botanist.

2014 Mar 10
Is it that good? I'm a Bombay fan but people keep singing Botanist's virtues...

2014 Mar 9
Cardamom Enjoy! I was never a gin drinker until Botanist. I keep a bottle or two on hand always.

2014 Mar 9
FYI, spotted some Botanist gin at the Rideau and King Edward location just before the weekend. Snagged myself a bottle and looking forward to it :)

2011 Dec 11
Noted some Luxardo Maraschino Liqueur downstairs at the Rideau St. LCBO. This is exquisite stuff--an amazing secret ingredient in cocktails, fruit salads, desserts, etc. Very hard to find in Canada. And only 25 bucks a bottle!

2009 Jul 2
Further to my last comment, I had a Canada Day "shoot out" between the 2008 Flat Rock 'Twisted' and the challenger, the 2008 Henry of Pelham 'Sibling Rivalry' White.

The two wines have a remarkably similar aroma - I could tell them apart, but couldn't put my finger on what the difference was. Both very attractive, with some flowery/spicy Gewurztraminer notes.

In the mouth, some differences were more evident. Both are off-dry, but the Twisted is a bit sweeter, and seems fruitier on the palate. Sibling Rivalry seems slightly crisper, with more of a mineral/stone fruit impression. It's worth noting that it has 12% alcohol, versus 10.5% for Twisted. I think Riesling predominates in both blends, but I suspect that Sibling Rivalry has a larger dollop of Chardonnay.

The verdict? I have a slight preference for Twisted, due to its lush fruitiness, plus its lower alcohol. On the other hand, it costs 3 bucks more, so factoring that in pretty much makes it a tie between the two. Both are nice sippers, and good food wines - I suspect I'll be buying quite a bit more of both!

2009 Jun 21
An addendum to my previous comment... I wrote that the '08 Flat Rock Twisted wasn't out yet, but yesterday, sure enough, there it was at the store I went to (College Square). I grabbed one, and will see how it compares with the '08 Sibling Rivalry, and report back.

It was interesting to note that the Flat Rock Pinot Noir has also rolled over to the '08 vintage... so, Ontario wines from the much-hyped '07 vintage are already starting to disappear - better stock up if you have any faves!

2009 Jun 18
I'm a bit dubious about using this vendor entry to post wine-buying tips, but let's give one a try and see how it goes.

A few weeks back, while prowling the VQA aisles checking for new arrivals, I noticed a couple of bottles labeled "Sibling Rivalry", a white and a red, both priced at $13.95. Turns out they're a new offering from Henry of Pelham. They're one of the most consistent and reliable producers in Ontario, and I've seldom met a wine from "Hank" that I didn't like, so I had to try them (also, they're bottled with screwcap closure - always a plus in my book).

The white is a 2008 vintage, Riesling-Gewurz-Chardonnay blend, very reminiscent of Flat Rock's "Twisted", which I'm also fond of. Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, I guess, and in this case, we reap the benefit - in my estimation, it's as good as Twisted (though I didn't taste them head-to-head, and the '08 Twisted doesn't seem to be on the shelves yet), and 3 bucks cheaper. Nice synergy with refreshing acidity and fruit from the Riesling, extra body from the Chard, and intriguing aroma from the combo of all three. A dandy deck sipper, and very food-friendly (just a tad off-dry).

I was not quite as enthused about the red, but I'd still declare it a winner too, at this price. It's a 2007 vintage Merlot/Cab Sauv/Cab Franc blend - soft, fruity, and ready to roll with little noticeable tannin, and an interesting smokey note in the nose. Should fit in just fine with most BBQ fare.

2012 Nov 12
A new mead is now available in the LCBO, Rosewood Estates Mead Royale.

Barrel aged for 6 months in French Oak it's a beautiful mead for the holidays.

Find here: rosewoodwine.com

2009 Jun 15
I tried the Rossignol Blackberry Mead from PEI and it was very sweet - just how I like it. Perfect for a light dessert. A Canadian delicacy :)

2009 Jun 15
"ROSSIGNOL ESTATE ICED LIBERTY BLOSSOM 2006" - for fans of ice wine. A refreshingly sweet slice of heaven. Now that I have tasted this I can die a happy woman :)