Foods from Chenoy's

2012 May 31
So I decided a short trip down memory lane on my day off would involve some chopped liver. I drove to Gatineau only to find, to my horror, that they did not have any. No chopped liver in a deli?! Unwilling to endure a wasted trip, I ordered a jumbo smoked meat sandwich. It was a wasted trip. This was a low grade mass market smoked meat piled between two very dry pieces of rye bread which certainly weren't going to be helped by the minuscule amount of mustard spread on them. Adding to the experience was the absence of Coca Cola! In a deli?! Pepsi exclusivity is really an insult to your customers as you have taken financial consideration over the preferences of some of your customers. I may go back for the chopped liver but if the rest of the experience is any indication of what I should expect, I'll pack a lunch.