Bacon and Eggs Breakfast at Buster's Bar and Grill
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2013 Dec 3
There's a sign up on Hwy 7 indicating Buster's has reopened under new ownership (and is hiring).

2013 Nov 1
Busters in Carleton Place is now closed.

2012 Jun 23
Stopped in at the Carleton Place location today. We had one pretty bad meal and one so-so one. I had liver "smothered" in caramelized onions. The mashed spuds that came with it were cold and devoid of any gravy or even a pat of butter. I sent them back for some hot mashed which was willingly and cheerfully done. The liver was over-cooked and the caramelized onions consisted of some tough barley cooked, let alone caramelized onions. Mixed veg were of the frozen variety, but hot. I asked for some gravy for which I was charged 69 cents. The other meal was a pork wrap. The liquid had oozed out which made the tortilla soggy. Fries were of the frozen variety, the ones that become sort of hollow inside when they meet the deep fryer. My spouse said the sandwich tasted okay, but nothing special. The woman serving us was very pleasant and efficient. We won't be back. Ever. Oh, and the spuds were of the instant variety - they had some instant potato lumps in them.

2011 Oct 24

Crappy food BUT worse was.....the service..the girls here are rude...we asked to speak to the manager and the manager came over and seemed non interested in what we were telling her. I see why the staff is so useless cause it stems from the top, the manager.

Its funny, this review site asks you to treat the vendor with the same respect when writing your review...if i did that, I would have to be a lot more rude than this...

Save your cash and spend it elsewhere!

2009 Mar 14
Visited on 2009-Mar-3
Good Breakfast
I've been there now for probably 7 times since they opened for the $4.99 (+ tax) breakfast special. You get 2 eggs (whatever way you want done, choice of 3 sausages, 3 strips of bacon, or ham. Comes with restaurant-type home-fries- if you wish, you can ask instead for 3 slices of tomato and just a small fries portion, or no fries and tomatoes & lettuce instead. Toast is white or brown-for 49 you can have rye. Coffee (endless) comes in nice big mugs. Service, at least in my experience has always been attentive. To me, that breakfast is a good breakfast at a very good price. They also have a variety of other breakfast offerings-one acquaintance of mine (he's a butcher) had their "Steak & Eggs" and liked it-his wife was happy with her "Eggs Benedict". You often see a goodly number of seniors there on the weekdays, and that's usually a good sign.

2009 Feb 24
I visited this place in Lincoln Heights mall on a whim for breakfast today (Tuesday). They open at 7am and offer one of the better breakfast deals in the west end. Full breakfast special for $4.99!

This gets you coffee (free refills), 2 eggs, 3 bacon or sausage, 2 toast, and home fries. The portions are generous as you can see in the photo. I usually get the big "everything" breakfast but here that would cost $5 more for just an extra few meats and some pancakes, and what I got was certainly big enough!

Kudos to the server, Sheila, for helping me choose between bacon and sausage even though she doesn't eat meat. The sausages are above average, although they are deep-fried (like at most places). The home fries were very standard and benefited from a good dose of ketchup. Eggs were done perfectly over-easy. The coffee was not too bad for what it is. Toast was thick-sliced and done at high heat (crispy outside but not dried inside).

It's pretty empty in there on a weekday morning, but there's a steady trickle of blue-rinse regulars and tradesmen taking advantage of the special.


2010 Aug 21
Went here with Dad, my sister and her boyfriend a few weeks ago for the wings special.

And they were delicious! I always get mild, and these were a good size and had a nice flavor, not too crispy either.

Definitely recommend.

Will go back again.

2009 Dec 13
These wings were voted 2nd best in Ottawa by the A-CHANNEL right behind Wild Wing.

Here is the link to the video from A-CHANNEL:

Personally I love these wings.

Even better, Sunday through Thursday starting at 9pm all appetizers (including Wings) are half-price! And, on Wednesday - starting at 4pm wings are half-price!

I get them baked and medium, or honey-hot (what I call "wimpy")