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Note: this place doesn't seem to be affiliated with the "Pho Thi Fusion" in Barrhaven. I've included it as a "See also" link to redirect people who find one entry while looking for the other one.

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2008 Aug 23

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2009 Jul 12
On my last visit I was saddened to find that the pho is no longer on the menu.

2008 Dec 20
I was impressed! Only two sizes (S+M) and the prices are about a buck more than other places ($7.95 and $8.95), but it's worth it. Wifey and I each had chicken-based broth soups, hers was a Seafood Medley Saté and mine was BBQ Pork with Shrimp. A most delicious broth -- better or equal to all the really good places on Somerset. Noodles are the nice wide thin ones, and meat is in sufficient quantity.

Unlike most pho houses, the little plate of bean sprouts, basil, chili, and lime is served as an individual portion -- each diner gets a separate one. Pretty classy.

I should also add that the shrimp are done exceptionally well here. Most times shrimp in pho are overcooked and rubbery. These ones were succulent, moist, and even had the tails removed!