Mango's Cafe
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2009 Feb 25
I'm partial to their fruit cocktails.

They offer about eight versions of blended or layered concoctions, made up of a large variety of fresh fruits and fruit purées, yogurt or ice cream.

"The Mango's Special" typically contains pineapple, banana, kiwi, mango, papaya, strawberry.. mango and strawberry purée, topped with sliced almonds, pistachios, honey, and sweet cheese (though I always omit cheese). Always refreshing.

2008 Jul 21
Best Shawarma in the city.

I've been a frequent visitor of the Mango's at AltaVista and Bank for many years, and I've yet to find a better chicken shawarma in the city. This place is very popular which I'm sure helps explain the consistant freshness of the chicken. The garlic sauce is just strong enough and the pita wrap is always soft.

Get the chicken shawarma, fries or wedge potatoes with garlic sauce, and a pop for about $7.00, great value. My girlfriend also seems to like the beef shawarma on occasion but agrees the chicken is #1. Also, I've enjoyed both the spicy beef and the veggie samosas.

I don't find the decor especially attractive. However, the service is quick, the food is fresh and delicious, and they offer better value vs their many competitors. Try it out, they're open late.

Note: I believe they have a new location on St.Laurent. My experience has been solely at the Alta Vista location.


2009 Jun 21
The service here is great, i.e. very generous helpings, willing to substitute, always friendly. And the chicken is great too. I never get sandwich, always plate and usually bypass the rice and go for salad instead. But, when the potatoes are right out of the kitchen I pick up a small portion to go and boy oh boy are they yummy.

Décor leaves a lot to be desired, but I live close by so take-out is the way to go.

The St. Laurent location is good, but Alta Vista and Bank is better.

2009 Jan 11
This is my favorite place for Shawarma and plates. I usually get the combo plate and have a hard time finishing it because of it's size. Great value for money. Their rice is good as well it doesn't have the clove spice to it as so many places do. Instead they have small noodles in the rice. Only draw back is they do not make fresh baked pies(Cheese and zatar).