Foods from Studebaker's Pub and Grill


2011 Feb 12
This place intrigued me. I drive by it on the back road to Canadian Tire on Carling, through the industrial park. I stopped in and picked up some lunch. I got a cheeseburger platter.

The burger was really good! Good flavor, not dry and a good sized patty. They seemed to have all sorts of burger combinations on the menu. I was actually interested in the different varieties of clubhouses that they had. The burger itself sold for $3 and change, which I thought was a great deal.

The fries weren't something to write home about. I'm pretty sure they were frozen fries that have the skin left on them to look like they are homemade. The truth is in the taste and these had no flavour.

The restaurant itself is cool with lots of seating and a lunch counter, which is always fun.

I'd definately come back to try out more of the menu. They seemed to have lots of daily specials and the waitress told me that they just started serving pizza as well.

2009 Jul 19
Thanks for pointing that out ChzPlz, I was thinking one thing and wrote down another!

2009 Jul 17
Correction - it's south of Carling. On Laperriere between Kirkwood and Clyde.

2009 Jul 17

This is a great little diner just North of Carling. If going out for breakfast, this is usually our go-to place. It is not much to look at but the food is good, and cheap to boot.

Went here for lunch for the first time. When I`ve been here on weekends it is packed, but later afternoon it was dead. My waitress was friendly and attentive as needed.

Ordered the 'hawk'? burger (bacon & cheese) with onion rings and coleslaw. It was not a pre-made patty, the bacon was crispy and a bit smokey. The onion rings were battered and crispy. Coleslaw was vinegar based, but decent.

The only thing that was questionable was that it was less that 5 minutes for my meal from ordering to my table. I was the only customer ordering food, but still . . . Anyways, great little place to go.

PS: I was going to get the wings, but they were all out. Told they only order small batches of wings. Oh well, will have to try again some time.