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A huge variety of sausages and various other meats.

Adams Sausages
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Aug 17
I haven't found better sausages in town. This is the obligatory to go sausage ($5) I get when picking up a dozen or so to grill. Ironically, I think their spicy Italian sausage is their best.

May 9
We went there yesterday intending to buy a few things. We went in wearing masks and disposable gloves. I was surprised to see so many people in what is a relatively small space. It was impossible to find a spot that was 2 meters from the next person. Most people were not wearing masks, none were wearing gloves. One of the people who did have a mask was wearing it around her neck. We left without buying anything and have no plans to go back until they start restricting the number of people allowed in the store at any one time.

2019 Jun 21
Update: great spicy ITALIAN sausage.

2016 Jul 12
Been a while since I popped in here. I had the hot Italian sausage on a bun. The bun was fresh and tasty while the sausage was right up there on my favourite hot Italian sausage list. $4.

2016 Apr 7
Pretty sure everything in the counter here is made on site as well. The folks at Lavergne Western Beef know the folks here very well, and speak very highly of their products. I have never been out back myself so I can't say with first-hand certainty.

2012 Apr 21
Finally made my way out here for the first time - great shop and so many amazing sausages and cured meats to choose from. Tried 4 or 5 different things and they were all extremely good

2011 Jun 24
Rest in Peace Adam :-( Foodies in Ottawa will miss you. I did not know you, but the stories I hear from people who did tell me that a true humanitarian passed away this week. The world needs more people like you.


2009 Feb 15
In a mere 2 months or so I'll be firing up the smoker again, so I've been going through the deep freeze clearing out "old stock" leftovers from last summer. Mmmmmmm. Smokey, AND left-overy. I had a pack of 3 left over from the sausage that some friends brought over and that I posted about in the only other "buzz" item here on Adam's. Dang they make good sausage!

2008 Jun 1
Wow! These things are incredible! Some friends brought over a few varieties last night : dried smoked, Bavarian Weisswurst and Hot Italian. They were all extremely yummy, and although the Weisswurst was not authentic (oh, if I could find authentic Weisswurst in Ottawa!) it was still extremely good. They seem to have over a dozen different types of sausage for sale.