3 Different Garlic Sauces
Tiny place at 178 Rideau

Foods from Castle Shawarma


2011 Aug 18
I have been work downtown this summer and discovered this place on Rideau (near Dalhousie) and it is the best shawarma in town. The owner is always happy and a spirirted guy, gives you piles of meat and the sauces are fantastic. The way he toasts it gives a great crispy shell.

Highly recommended - It has become my Friday treat

2009 Jun 9
Awesome shawarma. I love their sweet sauce in their beef shawarma and the spicy garlic sauce with their chicken shawarma. Been there a few times and they have always impressed me. Great sauce, good amount of meat, and you have to try it toasted!

2009 Feb 16
What can I say? This place is AMAZING!! I live in the market, and have tried all the different shawarma places, and this is like nothing else. It is SO good that you can never eat shawarma anywhere else again after eating here. We are regulars (ie at least once a week).

Their sirloin steak is particularly amazing, and they have specials (stew on mondays & fish on fridays are the ones I remember).. & everything is made in house with no preservatives.

The owners and staff are so friendly too! They make you feel like family. You just have to try it :)!!

2008 Jun 1
Have to agree with Sadie Lady, just tried castle shawarma tonight and it was THE BEST! They gave me a sample of everything. They have three garlic sauces, oregano, spicy garlic and regular garlic, all of which I got to try with huge chunks of chicken. I also got to taste both of their salads before deciding which I wanted on my shawarma plate. The chicken was great, the spicy garlic sauce packs some heat that doesn't hit you until after which I really like. I couldn't decide which sauce I wanted so they put on all three!!!

2008 Apr 25
okay, I went here again today, and I absolutely LOVE this place more and more.
Tell who ever is working that it is your first time and they'll let you try anything for free. I had a delicious salad today there, all fresh fresh ingredients and a large chicken shawarma with the spicy garlic sauce. SOOO good.
My friend had the potatos with the oregano garlic.
The service here is always amazing, they love customers and will do anything for them.

2008 Apr 8
I might be a little biased...
But recently for school (uOttawa) I had to do a project on Lebanese culture downtown (it was a psych project but I took the liberty to experiment and examine Lebanese cuisine as well).
This place is by far the best place for Shawarma in/near the Byward market.
Not only is the staff fun and very nice (like most Shawarma places), but their chicken is very juicy tender (they say they buy "locally"... not sure exactly what that means), not dry at all. AND they have 3 different types of garlic sauces to choose from!!
I go whenever I can!

Try it and you will see.