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Foods from Fat Bz's Sandwich Shoppe

2009 Nov 3
I droppped in here after hearing so many good things about the place. It was very ordinary. They sell the kind of sandwiches one could easily make at home. The sandwich was good, but not great, and the service was terrible. My husband and I ordered at the same time, and he was served first...and I had to wait and watch him eat while I waited for mine. (It was okay, I didn't mind him eating -- I DID mind the extra wait.) Reason? They "forgot" my order. Lovely. There was only 1 other person ordering at the time, so why the big confusion. Badly organized and average = no repeat visit.

2009 Jun 12
Surprised no one has yet reviewed this place yet.

Fat Bz's sells a variety of sandwiches, including a few hot sandwiches and two or three soups.

I ordered the #3 which is the chicken breast with cheese, tomatoes, lettuce and mayo. I decided to switch the mayo for mustard.

It was pretty good although the bread seemed like it had a hint of sweetness to it.

I still think that Dirienzo's is still the better choice.

But considering I live in Kanata, and the drive to Dirienzo is a little far, I will go back.