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2008 Apr 8

I have been able to locate Dorset Cereals at Loblaws and Sobey accounts as well.

There are a few locations in Montreal:

PA Supermarche - 1420 Rue Du Fort
PA Supermarche - 5029 Avenue Du Parc

Le Fouvrac - 1451 Laurier Est

Gourmet Lavrier - 1042 Laurier Ouest

Les Doucher Du Marche - 138 Atwater Avenue

Hope one of these locations are of close proximity to you, mishka


2008 Feb 22
Mishka, I've noticed it popping up in regular grocery stores too, the main ones like Loeb, not sure what the Quebec equivalent to that is...but sometimes you have to look in the "Healthy" aisle, they put it in with specialty stuff like Organics. I did buy another kind next, it was Dorset 'really nutty muesli' and didn't like it as much as the fruit nuts,etc... It had huge hazelnuts which were not a good size for being in cereal, should have been broken up a bit more, and just didn't have an overall good flavour like the first one.

2008 Feb 21
Where can i buy dorset cereals in Montreal.