Ichiban Bakery - the offer delights like cookies, scones, tarts, pies, baguette, rolls, sandwich bread, etc. Everything is fresh and baked on site.

Foods from Ichiban Bakery

2010 Dec 16
This is the best bakery in Ottawa! It is run by a lovely family who really put their heart and soul into making their delicious food. Their croissants are the best I've ever had. I've tasted most of what they have to offer and I have not been disappointed so far. Their food is always fresh and delicious!

2008 Jul 6
Nice bakery in the Blue Hero Mall with lots to choose from.

2012 Jul 30
Since it came up, Ichiban has my favourite croissants in the city. Better than the French Baker or Art-is-in (although both are good). Lovely service from the family who owns and runs it. Great Baguettes too...