This vendor no longer exists!


Family run business in the Glebe with a menu with a range of platters, sandwiches, sides like grape leaves, hot potatoes etc. Option to eat there or take it to go. Wide range of cold beverages.

Foods from Civic Shawarma

2012 Feb 12
This saddens me. I loved this place, and Sammy was very friendly. I liked that their house made garlic sauce was not too garlicky (so you don't reek of it the next morning!).

Anyways, I hope Sammy just decided to shut it, and did not go out of business - him and his whole (ever-growing) family were always very nice.

2012 Feb 11
Civic Shawarma is no more. It has closed and being turned into a 2nd location for ZaZaZa pizza (opening May 2012 according to the sign)

2011 Jul 5
I went to satisfy a garlic potato craving I was having. I usually wander into Basha when I am home in Montreal but since I have moved to Ottawa four days ago, I gave Civic Shawarma a try.
The potatoes were NOT fresh but spiced just the way I like them so I was disappointed. They were cold and hard but I still ate them and honestly,I can imagine how amazing they would be good fresh. My husband Steve was offered some chicken to taste and I had a bite of the sample as well....YUMMY! The chicken was amazing, pleasantly different and spiced particularly well and unique, unexpected and almost had a dry rub taste to it. The man at the cash was very friendly but paid no mind to me, only my husband but maybe I am being to sensitive. Either way, I am going back! :P

2011 Jan 4
I love this place - it's my favourite shawarma in the city. I'm not sure why other commenters think the chicken is basted in sauce - it is highly seasoned with fresh spices, but it's not "saucy".

The owner is amazingly friendly, and the portions are humongous - big shawarmas and falafel are topped with tons of fresh veggies and pickles. The potatoes are tossed in an amazing chili flake/spice blend, and the garlic sauce is delish.

I'm always happy to eat at a local place owned by someone who's obviously proud of their food, especially when they're proud for a good reason.

2010 Jul 21
According to me, this is one of the best Shawarma joint in Ottawa. There is something about their chicken, I think, as another reviewer commented, they basted it with BBQ sauce. Giving it a nice unique flavour from all the other Shawarma places in this city.

2010 Mar 21
I tried this place for the first time today. I phoned in an order. I wasn't thrilled that the prices were 20% higher than on the webpage and that my order was 25 minutes late.

the portions were huge, however, and my husband raved about the shish taouk.

I think I heard the owners are Syrian, not Lebanese. In any case, the garnishes and spices are quite different than any I've tasted at the dozens of Ottawa places I've had shawarma at. the order was garnished with lots of green and black sliced olives. The rice was flavoured with fennel? (whatever that seed is they put in pepperoni.

a change from the usual Ottawa shawarma flavour.

2007 Aug 26
This place is so friendly. The vegetarian sandwich with the falafel and all the other fixings has to be the best food deal you can get for under $5 in the Glebe. The garlic sauce is potent...I've tried some of the pre-made flatbreads with various things sprinkled on top. They were tasty, especially when just made and still warm.



2009 Mar 25
The Shawarmas here are not too bad, but not the best in the city. For the price, its great, but I think the chicken is coated in BBQ sauce before it is roasted on the spit... making it pretty salty with all the other sauces and accoutrement. The potatoes are not the best, but the rice is unbelievable; by far the best I've had in Ottawa. It has peas and whole spices cooked in for maximum flavour. The staff is really friendly and remember you, which is nice. Also, I always ask for double garlic, which is garlic sauce on the rice and potatoes, then again on the chicken... delicious but not so good for your breath the rest of the day.

Worth the stop.