Foods from Cam Kong


2008 Feb 14
Cam Kong is gone!
Does anyone know where they went?

2007 Mar 29
My boyfriend and I are slowly becoming regulars at this place. I was originally introduced to it by a Vietnamese friend because they have a good vegetarian section to their menu.

We're getting into a bit of a rut lately about what we order, but I've had a couple of dishes other than what I'll describe below and always enjoyed them (especially the mushroom fresh spring rolls and the Vietnamese coffee for boyfriend - order it ahead because it takes a while to make). Tonight, my boyfriend has the meaty fried spring rolls (#1) and I had the vegetarian version (#601 - ask for peanut sauce for a truly vegetarian appetizer or use the hoisin provided on each table). For our entrees, boyfriend had the pork with spring rolls vermicelli dish, and I had the tofu vermicelli dish (#802 - again with peanut sauce instead of fish sauce). After our Thursday work out, they're the perfect amount to fill us up, but they have lots of fresh vegetables and herbs so that we don't feel weighed down. (The yummy mint makes the dish.)

Best of all, dinner at Cam Kong doesn't break the bank. With tax and tip, the total tonight was $25 and change.

2006 Oct 5
One of our favourite places - Now accepting Interac!
We consistently choose D11 and/or D19. The food is very consistent and very tasty!

2006 Sep 25
This place was an almost weekly event for me at one point. Great prices, pretty consistently tasty, fresh and well-prepared Vietnamese food. The lemongrass chicken was awesome and they have some original, refreshing, fruity-milkshake-type drinks.