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574 boul. St-Joseph, Gatineau (Hull)

Catering service available, restaurant, latino-american products, calling cards, etc..

Foods from Saveur de Colombie


2008 Sep 3
Saveur de Colombie is now CLOSED.

2007 May 20
A friend of mine has been in the region only for about 6-7 months, and he's originally from Columbia. He had talked to me a few times about this place, so we finally got a chance to go try it out.

It's a really small restaurant (i'd say about 4 or 5 tables) on St-Joseph. They offer takeout, but you can also eat there. The staff speaks spanish most of the time, but you can get by in english. I was lucky to have my friend there, and he told me all about the different foods and ingredients they have there. There are ingredients which you can buy.

For our first meal, we decided to both have the "Bandeja Paisa". My friend is from the north of Columbia and says this is a typical dish of that area and he really likes it. I didn't know what to expect, but knew it would be different. I just read on wikipedia that in 2005, the Columbian government was thinking of making the Bandeja Paisa the national dish.

Well the plate was HUGE. Actually, it wasn't THAT huge, but what made it impossible to finish for me was the fact that: 1. we were there for lunch, and i never eat big lunches, and 2. the food that was in there was all HEAVY foods.

The Bandeja paisa is a plate comprised of: grilled steak, fried pork, red beans, rice, chorizo sausages, an egg, arepa, and a plantain banana.

Yes, all in the same dish. :o

The dish was delicious, and i was told Columbians can be insulted if you don't finish a meal, but i made sure my translator told the cook that it was delicious but that finishing it would make me explode. :)

To drink, there were different kinds of fruit juices (mango, passion fruit, etc..), so i decided to try one i had never tried before.. if i recall correctly, i think it was tamatillas.. but i'm not 100%. It was also very good.

I'll definitely go back to try other things on their menu, but i do recommend this dish. If you're not a huge eater, maybe sharing it with someone is a good idea.