Fulton's Pancake House
Foods from Fulton's Pancake House


2014 Mar 14
I was here this week. The prices are outrageous and the pancakes taste very strongly of baking soda/powder. The kids wouldn't even eat them. At least the syrup was in a pump bottle and you could add as much as you wished. Drinks are also included in the meal price. On the good side, they do have lots of activities for kids--sleigh rides, face painting, play structure, crazy carpets. The sleigh rides used to be free but are now $2 each.

2007 Apr 11
We were here a couple of years ago. They're equipped for large crowds and are probably the most "professional" sugar bush in the area (whatever that means). They have some really nice walking trails and even a gift shop.

The pancake breakfast was of good quality, but the price seemed very high (around ten bucks for the plate you see here). They even limit you to one little cuppy of maple syrup with your plate (it was enough, but didn't help the impression of skimpiness)!