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Great little authentic Thai place in Gatineau. Everything from curries, meat, fish and seafood. They will accomodate dishes for you too.

Maison Samorn
Green Beans and Tofu with Oyster sauce at Maison Samorn
Vegetarian Pad Thai at Maison Samorn
Vegetable Spring Rolls at Maison Samorn
Foods from Maison Samorn

2014 Apr 24
The food is good so I keep coming back. The service can be a bit hit and miss but not really the waitress' fault as today, one person was holding the fort for the whole restaurant which was almost full! She did pretty well considering.

I had the red curry chicken. It was very nicely flavoured with just enough hot. It came with a chicken Tom yum soup (more broth) as appetizer. The curry was a fairly big portion with lots of fresh vegetables, a side of Asian slaw and a very crispy spring roll with sweet chili sauce.

Then, this was followed by a cube of crème brûlée pudding and a small slice of cantaloupe. All of this for $15! The seafood lunch dishes would be $18. If this sounds like too much food, there are some plates only options too (no spring rolls and dessert).

This is my favourite Thai in downtown Gatineau.

2012 Mar 2
I unfortunately cannot recommend Maison Samorn anymore. I used to go there regularly, but it has gone downhill. Don't get me wrong, the food is still good, but there are issues with service, language, and after the other night, where the owner walked into the restaurant and went to the kitchen with his dog and we later found a dog hair in the takeout, we cannot recommend this place anymore.

It's a shame, it used to be a place we loved.

2007 Mar 16
Four of us went here on a Wed. night with a reservation. It was pretty quiet...probably didn't need a reservation but I always do just in case. There is a picture of the Thai royal family on the wall right when you walk in which is always a good sign and is what we (Canadians) see as being authentic Thai food.
The food was all amazing...lots of mmmmmm'ing going from all of us! Service was polite and attentive....even though he did come back a few too many times to ask how everything was but that's fine by me. Better them being around too much than not at all in my opinion, as long as it's not TOO intrusive. Always topping up our waters and refilling our tea cups with the pot of lemongrass tea that we ordered to share.
Bill came to almost $80 before tip! Very reasonable for amazing Thai food and great service. I will definitely be going back for more!

2007 Mar 19
Thoroughly enjoyed yellow curry - chicken was tender and very tasty.Believe they used the chicken thigh for this dish but no bones.

2007 Mar 16
Some coworkers and I went to this great Thai place in Gatineau (thanx ksw!). We ordered four different dishes and some rice to share. This was the one meat dish we ordered (I haven't eaten meat in a long time so the others were quite gracious) but I did try some of the potato and curry from this dish. It was soooo good! Right amount of heat. In the picture, it is the one on the bottom left side.

2007 Mar 19
When eating Thai - vegie green curry is my ultimate favourite... couldn't get enough of this dish...delish in every bite. One suggestion - smaller cubes of tofu. As 'foodlover' said this was a request - changed the red curry to green.. should be a menu staple.

2007 Mar 16
Very good with more kick to it than the yellow curry here.

In the picture above(?), it is the dish on the bottom right. This one actually was a red curry on the menu but we requested it to be a green curry instead. Not disappointed at all....enough kick/heat to make your mouth water and want more! Vegetables were nice and tender with some crunch still. MMMMMMMM!

2007 Mar 16
It is the dish on the top right hand side....very yummy...it was like the beans were marinated in the nice light soy-oyster sauce

2007 Mar 16
I hadn't finished my review yet on everything we ate at Maison Samorn so here I go....these are the spring rolls we had as our app. We asked if they had fresh, which they didn't, but these were still really good. Plus, I didn't burn the roof of my mouth when biting into them! I think they let them drain and cool a bit before bringing them out, which we all appreciated. The dipping sauce that goes along with them was tasty, hot and sweet at the same time.

I forgot to mention before when commenting on the restaurant that we had asked for sticky rice to share and they actually didn't have any?? We wondered later, and should've asked, if they just didn't have any that night, or not ever. Probably didn't have any that night (since I can't imagine them not having it ever)....but we had a nice long grain white basmati that was good as well.

So, with an appetizer, four dishes, rice for four, and a pot of lemongrass tea, the bill came to just under $80 before tip!! Can't go wrong here...

2007 Mar 16
So here is some of 3 of the dishes on my plate. The veggie pad thai is forefront in this picture. Very good pad thai, I love it really wherever I go.