Foods from Cafe Ninety7

2012 Sep 12
Found the cafe after a 4 hour walk yesterday. Enjoyed a lovely chai latte. Not too sweet and just the right amount of spice. The place was very quiet but had a really nice vibe. The couches in the back makes me think it will be a nice winter haunt for me. I spoke to the very friendly barista, who explained all the baked goods were made by the ladies in the neighbourhood (the poppyseed cake was a tad on the dry side but still terribly delicious.) and the sandwiches made daily on site. It certainly had a the neighbourhood vibe to it and I will go back as I love places that support the local community. Plus it was so quaint.

2012 May 14
You would not be able to rate something without tryin it. We had a great experience for Brunch. Fresh Waffel with Strawberry/ banana, Real Maple Syrup and Choclate was amazing. Home made soup id top on the line and they have Home made bakings. I give it an A+.

2012 Feb 15
Under new ownership since June 2011, the name has changed to "Cafe 97" and there is no more latin food on offer! What a disappointment as I was really looking forward to a tasty sampling today. This place is now a typical coffee/tea/sandwich/soup shop; I did not try anything so have no idea about the quality.

2010 Feb 23
My hubby and I were *very* excited when this place opened up down the street from us several years ago now. It's definitely become a community hub where meetings are held and groups (like the knitting group) get together.

The shop has changed hands once since it first opened and now has a Spanish feel to it. There are dance lessons on Thursday evenings, and Spanish language classes held there during the week too. They also offer many new Latin-American food items. The ambiance of the place is now more homey and less modern. (embean, there used to be a gas/electric fireplace, but it's been removed since the new owners took over.)

The coffee is always tasty. The tea varieties are interesting, and it's always fun going to buy new tea and exploring (smelling) the options. I can't comment on the food since they don't offer any vegan options.

Recently, they've consistently been low on stock of whole coffee beans for taking home. I've stopped asking about specific coffees listed and started asking which ones they have available (usually 2 or 3). A minor annoyance.

My other quibble is that the hours have been shortened to basically working hours during the week.

In addition to the items listed above, they are also now offering smoothies and brunch on Saturday and Sunday.

The staff is always very friendly and helpful.

2009 May 18
Checked this out for the first time today. Was curious because it's probably the closest coffee place to my house, but I never seem to venture across Pretoria Bridge. Overall, I was pretty impressed.

The place was understaffed- 1 employee working- cooking brunch, making coffee, with a bit of a line when we got in. But, she offered to bring our drinks to our table in a couple of minutes, which was prompt and she was apologetic and very nice. They have about 20+ kinds of tea. I had a pot of cream of earl grey, which was very good. My boyfriend had a mocha and a peanut butter fudge bar, both of which were really good. The mocha was not too chocolatey and not to espresso-y.

The atmosphere was a bit odd. The cafe is in a house, so it felt like you were sitting in someone's living room. The decorating is nice and comfortable, but was lacking "something" to tie it all together (maybe a fireplace?). It seemed like they are trying to be "quaint" in a Raw Sugar kind of way but it doesn't quite work. Anyway, that isn't a really valid complaint. It was very clean despite the understaffing. They have a children's play area which was a bit annoying (squeaky noises) but I guess it saves a lot of screaming, which is preferable.

I would go back here... it is a nice stand-in for Raw Sugar which is a bus ride away for me. It was pretty quiet and would be a nice place to read. They serve brunch on weekends apparently, which I would be curious to try. But, I would be skeptical to whether it would be understaffed or not. To be fair, we went on Victoria Day so this could have been the reason why only 1 person was working.

For the 2 drinks and 1 peanut butter bar, our total was $6.28. I think she forgot to charge us for the peanut butter bar, even though I reminded her. If not, it must have been about $3 for the mocha, $1 for the PB bar, and $1 for my tea? + tax. which doesn't make much sense, but if so, would be very reasonable. I expected to pay closer to $10. Also, it was a bit weird in that we ordered, were shuffled to a table, and had to pay afterwards, which was a bit confusing. We almost forgot to pay because it's weird to pay on your way out of a coffee house.

Overall, very nice. Was understaffed but the employee made it work, and nothing was lacking in terms of store cleanliness, product quality, or speed of service so I can't really complain.




2011 Jan 2
Dropped in for lunch today after shopping with my daughter. Friendly service although we waited 25 minutes after ordering for our sandwiches to be brought to the table. To be fair, it got busy soon after we arrived and there were only two people working. Good cafe lattes served nice and hot. Tasty quesadillas also hot with fresh, crispy veg and just enough cheese to ooze. Lunch for two was $17. Loved the casual, friendly neighbourhood vibe.