Foods from Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

2013 Aug 8
What can I say about this store? I LOVE it. There are so many things that they dip in chocolate,Oreo, caramel apple,strawberry, the list goes on. It s amazing.

2009 Sep 21
Had ice cream with the family here on the wknd. One peanut butter & chocolate, one nanaimo bar. BP&C was ok, but the nanaimo bar tasted icy and was mostly vanilla - hardly any nanaimo bar pieces to be found. Both were underwhelming at best.

There were wasps in the display cases nibbling on the candy coated apples.

They sort of had free samples of caramel apples, but they kept them out of reach and only put out one or two little pieces at a time. If you need to ration your free samples, keep them out of sight and take them out when you're offering them. Don't have a bunch of free samples on display if you aren't going to give them away.

Overall this place was disappointing. It appears to be catering to the tourist crowd and doesn't seem to be focusing on returning customers.

2009 Sep 21
Their Oreo cookie bombs are a win in my book. And the candy apples - wow - so tempting.

2009 Apr 19
They were so good looking that I had to try their chocolate-covered strawberries. They're not cheap ($3 each), and some of the fruits are rotten - need closer inspection. When not rotten, the taste is worthwhile and these make a relatively healthy snack. Also tried their chocolate-covered banana and although frozen, that is a must try!

I refuse to buy chocolate at a place called "Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory" when I can walk a block over to Stubbe's.

2008 Mar 9
They are making great chocolates, but I think that in terms of value, it's expensive! Just for 2 scoops of ice cream, you can pay up to $8.00, if my memory serves me right!


2007 Feb 17
These are just awesome. If you like the Hershey (Reese) cups, but yearn for something made with superior chocolate then go try these. They offer both milk and dark versions; I think milk was $3 and dark was $4 per (very large) cup.


2013 Aug 8
There fudge is amazing! I know they are a chain but i swear this location has the best fudge! It is so dangerous shopping this store. But. I come in and get fudge here.
If you never had it before you gotta try it.