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The GLEBE MEAT MARKET is a family-owned and run butchery that has been in business since 1920.

Foods from Glebe Meat Market

2012 Dec 28
Since I am still not cooking much in order to prevent food smells in the house (family member suffering effects of chemo) I reluctantly accepted the kind and generous offer from my parents for a turkey to be roasted for us by the Glebe Meat Market. My Dad delivered a hot, 16-pound turkey at dinner time last night. The Glebe Meat Market had it wrapped in foil, in a foil roasting pan and I was told I could keep it hot in a warm oven until wanted to serve it. I wasn't sure what to expect and to be frank, didn't have high expectations, but it really was delicious and was one of the best turkeys I've ever had. If I was more tech-savvy I would have posted a photograph. It was a gorgeous, deep-golden brown all over and it smelled divine (to me!). The whole bird was moist, tender and flavourful (including the white meat) and cooked perfectly. Kudos to the Glebe Meat Market....I'll definitely do that again.

2011 Oct 4
Excellent quality, one bad experience with foul poultry. It was promptly fixed.

2011 Oct 4
Always good,consistent product from a well run business !!!

2011 Mar 17
Very disappointed in the prepared food from Glebe Meat Market. Last time I was here I noticed they had house made prepared foods in the freezer so I picked up a small meat loaf and turkey pot pie to have in my inventory for a night when I didn't feel like cooking. I'm not sure why I bought the prepared meatloaf, since they are so easy to make, but I would not go for it again. It was very bland and tasteless, also incredibly dry (too many bread crumbs?). I've had the meatloaf from Red Apron, which is infinitely superior if you want something prepared, but if you're at Glebe meat market my advice is to skip their version, and just buy some ground beef and make your own.

The turkey pot pie looked like it had nice pastry on top, but after digging in, the crust was not crisp, and in fact the whole thing had a quite unpleasant gummy texture. The turkey was nice and moist, but there was precious little baked into the pie. The biggest disappointment was that the vegetables appeared to be from a bag of frozen mixed veg.,with tiny cubes of carrot and shrivelled green peas, and not many of them either. The pie contained mostly soupy gravy and when I complained to my other half about the frozen carrot cube, he said "at least you got one", which is an indication of the scarcity of good things inside this pie.

2009 Mar 21
Sadie.. what cut of chicken did you buy? Whole/pieces? Why oh why didn't you take the meat back right away for a refund? How they handled a return would be a much better story to post here than that you didn't like the smell.

2009 Mar 20
I recently stopped by this place after hearing alot of good things but I was sadly very disappointed. When I got home and opened the chicken I had bought I almost vomited from the stench coming from it. Needless to say I won't be going back.

2007 Mar 20
I love the Glebe Meat Market. Excellent, knowledgeable, friendly service and extremely high quality goods. Absolutely worth it.

2007 Mar 18
This grocery offers a lot of good meats. I bought lamb, chicken breasts, veal roast, ground beef, etc. etc. Everything was fresh and tender. They have a wide selection of imported gourmet items and even a huge selection of coffee beans........a rarity in Ottawa!

2007 Feb 4
My foodie cousin turned me onto this butchery when I was over to his home for dinner. It's the best place I've found in town to buy my fondue beef...ask them to provide you with beef bourguignon cubes and they will do it for you.

2008 Oct 6
Outstanding haggis - the best in town.