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2007 Jul 29
Our favourite vendor for authentic Lebanese cusine. We entertained three friends last night with a feast of delicacies from this store. Lots of options available not just Lebanese.

For the amount of food we purchased, the price did not seem too bad either. The service is particularly good here and staff are curteous, friendly, and actually helpful!


2007 Feb 1
Sold in bulk!

Note picture, titled "Not Much Left -- It Was That Good -- But At Least You Can Get An Idea of the Colour."


2011 Dec 5
My favourite downtown purveyor of cheese. They have fantastic deals (2 for $5, 2 for $7, $2.99 cheeses, etc). Most of the staff are knowledgeable and friendly, though there is one grumpy older lady who sometimes staffs the cash register. But most of the other employees are exceedingly helpful. Once I even brought in a parmigiano reggiano from another shoppe and they grated it for me, free of cost! I've been introduced to some fantastic cheeses here for dirt cheap including Le Cendrillon, Rosenborg Apricot, and a fantastic cheddar with a hint of apple liquor. They have fantastically priced bries and camemberts regularly on sale. As another reviewer mentioned, they have a fantastic selection of Quebec cheeses as well (I love their Oka selection).

2007 Sep 18
I love this store for cheese; it probably has the best selection of Quebec cheeses in the region and the prices are relatively cheaper on most occasions.

I tried the other day a brie with Truffles, yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!