Foods from Bread and Roses Bakery

2010 Oct 12
Got a very weird shaped baguette - it was fennel and poppyseed. The flavor was interesting but the bread was both overproofed and underbaked.

2010 Jul 26
So, they moved next door into a slightly larger space. Their products are displayed better than in the previous spot. I haven't tried any of their breads, but I have tried some of their sweet stuff. I found it too sweet. My boyfriend ended up tossing out the remains of his date square because it just became too much.

I picked up a chocolate caramel pecan square at Herb and Spice. I was preparing to be dazzled but ended up only trying a bite and being turned off by the sweetness. It was the kind of sickeningly sweet taste that you would expect from commercially packaged goods.

The cookies on the other hand were good and I definately plan to try some of the breads.

2008 Jun 25
Used to love this bakery (it was my alternate day treat) but lately the baked goods that I've bought from there taste like onions/fried green onions! So very disappointing!

2008 Jan 4
ONLY their sweet baked goods will be available, no breads....since the bread baker has been 'let go'.

2008 Jan 3
just to clarify, Bread and Roses will still be baking!
their location will be closed for at least a few months according to their voicemessage but they're baked goods will still be available at such fine ottawa establishments as the Herb & Spice and the Natural Food Pantry.

2007 Dec 20
If you like this bakery, get down there in the next few days and stock up because it will be no more!

2006 Dec 21
This bakery is completely vegetarian and has some vegan options. Some products are gluten-free, wheat-free, or low fat. The bread baker has been making bread for over 25 years...all the grains used are whole grain, stone ground. No preservatives or anything artificial is used in this bakery! Lots of organic bread, too. Sandwiches, veggie pates, maple baked beans, cookies, squares, tarts, cake, granola, organic tea, Bridgehead organic fair trade coffee, honey, Aunt Gertie's preserves, apple sauce, natural juice, doggie biscuits, organic milk and cream, natural peanut butter, almond butter, seed and nut butter, organic cheese, local soft ripened goat's cheese and feta cheese....the list goes on! So much in this little bakery, it's a must see.

2007 Apr 14
Hands down the best scones in town. Not much choice, but blueberry is my personal favorite. They are huge and cheap!